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Cessna 210 Crash in Los Angeles Area

A 55 year old Riverside resident flying his Cessna 210 from Van Nuys to Phoenix reported engine trouble over El Monte and was attempting to head back to Van Nuys. He then lost power shortly after and had to make a a forced landing in a Glendale neighborhood. The plane cut through power lines and flipped over upon impact. The pilot only was complaining about shoulder problems and is in a stable condition. The plane had 65 gallons of fuel still available but somehow did not ignite. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Ray Thompson 2
We don't know all the particulars, but when the power stops I'm sure a thousand things flash through your mind. Checklist alt. Speed ect. Easy to say woulda coulda shoulda on the ground. But if you get down without harming anyone and you avoid angel WINGS I think you've done ok. Cessna 152
Rick Sullivan 2
Great job of piloting by keeping his focus.
Edward Simac 1
I totaly agree with Matt and John on this one. Rough engine? Loss of power? After emergency procedures not working, I'm going down on the safest place I can. And if I happen to be right over an airport I would be a real dumb-ass not to go there, so if you don't mind me doing a little arm-chair quarter-backing on myself Mr.Beane, why don't you tell us all what YOU would have done it that same situation.??
Kawaiipoint2 1
Matt Haines -8
If he was over El Monte area, where there happens to be an airport, would anyone else agree that he should have landed there!?!? Not a good decision to try for VNY on the part of the pilot in my opinion.
James Beane 3
Yes, but you weren't there. So easy to Monday morning quarterback.
John Navratil 3
James Beane,

As you say, it's easy to play Monday morning quarterback, but it isn't a bad question to ask. It's 20 miles from El Monte to Van Nuys. On a rough engine, over L.A., that's a loooonnnng way. The report has the pilot turning back to Van Nuys. Perhaps he wasn't completely to El Monte and Van Nuys seemed close enough, but Glendale is only half-way from El Monte to Van Nuys. Clearly it didn't work out as planned.

I'm sure the pilot has played this out in his head time and time again. Perhaps we can remind ourselves of the importance of knowing the nearest airport, especially when an off-airport landing is so unattractive.
jensminger 1
Not second guessing anybody but you have to know your aircraft. In the light sport I learned in, gliding to VNY may not have been a bad option. But in the Cherokee Six I fly now(glides much like a 210), you better plan on landing somewhere right below you even if in IMC and no approach at the airport(use gps to set up an hope for the best). At least you know there are no obstructions(ie power lines) over a runway....
tim mitchell 0
depends on his altitude, wind, and visibility
QuickBurn 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Cessna 210 Crashes Into SoCal Neighborhood

Apparently lost power and was trying to make it to VNY. Went down in Glendale avoiding homes.


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