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Baby Discovered Hidden Inside Carry On Luggage; Parents Arrested At Airport

A couple have been charged child abuse and human smuggling after their 5-month-old boy was discovered packed into their carry on bags at the security screening checkpoint... ( Daha Fazlası...

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Brian Bishop 5
That's just sick. Makes my guts churn to think....
acmi 2
another justification for sterilization
BC Hadley 1
While I agree that this was wrong, I'm not sure that waiting two days for someone to do paperwork wouldn't push me to acts of stupidity, too. Desperate, frustrated people do crazy things.
aggieflyer -1
Now if the child ever gets cancer they can sue the TSA for exposing the baby to high levels of x-rays. Its a win win all around!
Andy Tyler 2
did you read the article? This happened in the UAE, not the USA.
richard weiss 0
Great picture of the loving mom. My guess is she either complied with hubby's demands or else.

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dackman 1
I was not the TSA it was in the UAE. Thank Santa Claus!

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Not really, you can find equal stupidity among any religion, race, country, region, continent, age, gender, sex, ethnicity.
euronorb 1
The only difference between the moderates and the extremist's Is the way they go about reaching their goal.
Andy Tyler 1
i could list 10 news articles in the past month where non-muslims have done far worse to their children... what an ignorant statement

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richard weiss 1
Then keep it in your mind Phil. Telling the world says more about you than it does about them.
preacher1 3
As with any race/religion there are extemist views and those more moderate, just as with Christianity or Judaism. Problem is though that with the Muslims, there is no real middle ground in the Quran. There are a lot that just simply ignore parts of it and to those outside, they seem more moderate. If they ever started living it 100%, they would be a group of people to watch out for. That said, if those that called themselves Christians would read their Bible and take it literally, there is no telling what would happen. IMHO, my sermon for the day.
And a good one it is sir. I think where most of us have problems with Muslims is not only what the Quran teaches but the fact that hardly any of the non-extremist Muslims never really denounce the terrorists.IMHO as you say.


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