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SkyWest CRJ stolen, crashed, and suspect committed suicide

ST. GEORGE — A commercial pilot wanted in connection with the killing of his girlfriend in Colorado Springs tried to steal a commercial airplane early Tuesday at the St. George Municipal Airport, then committed suicide, investigators said. ( More...

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Ric Wernicke 25
While a psyco was vaulting fences, self-starting jet passenger aircraft, and taxiing in a reckless manner, destroying buildings, vehicles, and the aircraft itself, the TSA was wrestling water bottles from the hands of Swedish grandmothers, lest they make it into a passenger terminal.

I noticed that the fastest anyone moved at Delta in decades was to cover the markings on the plane, and the FBI and TSA both moved swiftly to try and cover up anything they might have done wrong.
Bill Fox 3
so true, great comment, I have to take my shoes and belt off, which is so stupid, they even make me take my visor off, which I wear morning to night, and visor, what can I hide under a visor ??????????
Ric Wernicke 2
Bill Fox asks:.... what can I hide under a visor ??????????

Bill Fox 1
and hair, which I am lucky enough to still have :-)
sparkie624 2
That is about the best summation that I have seen. And how true.
btweston 11
The cross-country diapered astronaut still wins.
Nathan Quast 4
Grand theft airliner...

[This poster has been suspended.]

Michael Fuquay 2
Nah, no plane to fly
Andrew Araujo 1
That doesn't mean that plane was the one he flies, once you know how to get into a crj, you can get into all crj's. Kinda strange how are 2 digit thosand cars have all these security features yet a $23 million dollar jet doesn't have a key and a lever that opens the air stair, so basically once your inn you can start her up, go figure.
Latest from ABC News reported; The pilot was infact a Skywest pilot, with a Suspeneded license, It was IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT and only 1 security patrol vehicle to cover a 7 miles area.
Julian Medina 5
That's horrible. Poor CRJ-200.
Dennis Gillman 2
Is the answer bigger fences or add more trained competant responsible security people. Who would have thought that anyone would try this kind of thing 7 miles from any civilization, at night, possibly with inside imformatiom on how secure the airport was at night. The point is that it didn't have to be an airline pilot, anyone could have gotten into the airport the way he did. Some one has to ask the question, would this have been as easily accomplished at say Provo or Ogden, how about Orange County?
Jerry Ryan 4
Well the fact that he drove almost 700 miles to get to this particular airport in the middle of nowhere,would lead you to believe that he knew this airport would be closed in the middle of the night, with minimal security, and give him the access to a plane which he knew he could fly. He made it that far, but IF he had actually managed to get off the ground, scares me to think what would have happened next considering it's not like he could just call ATC & say 'here I am'.... Wonder what his intentions were? Perhaps it's a good thing he took out the terminal wall...
tim mitchell 3
well it's clear he knew the airport and could fly the plane.....he just couldn't taxi it
rodney harris 1
sparkie624 1
Interesting... that is going to be a fun plane to repair. After picking it up with a Crane there will be a lot of inspections I am sure.
Michael Fuquay 1
My guess is, it might become a boat anchor.
Peter Steitz 1
It'll fly again. They do amazing stuff these days. The company also will not want to have a "hull loss" on it's back. Insurance will pay.
And what would tsa have done to stop him if they had intercepted him? Shoot him with their flashlite? They would have called a cop and by the time the cop got there it's over. So what valuable part did the tsa play here?
Dennis Harper 1
Why are so many news outlets unaware that jets don't go in reverse like a car? This is one report. " appeared Hedglin had climbed into the aircraft through a cockpit hatch. He had removed the blocks and started the plane, but backed it into a jet bridge where it clipped the wing." Earlier and wilder media speculation was it must have taken a group of people to push it into into the parking lot. Why is it the media so often appears to be disconnected with reality? And not just with aviation.
Dennis Harper 2
My comment on reversing was totally wrong but I've never seen a passenger jet back up before, even though I got my training at a busy jet airport and have been a passenger countless times. I always heard thrusters must be reset to normal below a certain speed or the engines might quit from eat their own thrust and the FOD risk would be greatly elevated. Now I'm learning many jets are certified for backing up and it's a movement left to an airline and/or captain's discretion. Look at this Youtube "DC9 Back Up With Reversers" The coolest is the C-17 at Oshkosh There's always something to learn in aviation. Still, I don't think he backed the wing into the skybridge. Has anyone ever seen a skybridge behind the wing?
B17 bombers could back up and they didn't have beta on their props like todays turboprops. Hold one brake and rev engine on the same side. The other side would go backwards some feet. Repeat the process on the other side and in effect you walk the plane backwards.BTW, I'm not old enough to have done it--I read
Don Tebbs 1
Some aircraft in Microsoft FS are able to back out with the reverse thrusters. I have seen it several times while actually flying over the years, and have been on a few planes that did it.
Peter Steitz 1
Dennis, it's called "blow back". The reasoning behind it is it doesn't require a tug for the "push back". Negatives are the FOD that could be kicked up. I guess it's up to the airport and the company to allow it.
PVUpilot 1
That's just the media ;) Although isn't it possible for the jet to back up with the thrust reverse? They are also saying there is no evidence he was going to takeoff... really? He went through all that trouble to drive it straight? Hard for me to believe.
Andrew Araujo 1
We sell are planes to the south and this is how they treat them.......lovely.
Robert Fleming 1
Yikes...what a weird story
James Hodges 1
Tsa was really,weakly on the ball, as usual!!!!
I'm impressed they could find a crane that large that quickly and the efficiency of the clean up in a relatively remote area of the country.
tim mitchell 1
they probably used a tug
tim mitchell 1
nevermind; I finally got the pictures to come up
Jeffrey Babey 1
Well, I'm glad he wasn't my pilot for my morning departure....what a creepy dude this guy was.
Gene spanos 1
We can just chalk this up to another stressed out pilot ?
Gregory Battis 0
o noooo i like crj.
Gregory Battis 0
you **** **** dont take MY CRJ200
Mike Barbato -2
I'm starting to notice there's a lot of wackos in aviation. Maybe something to do with the thin atmosphere up there. Haha.
Andrew Araujo 1
OR the shittier pay than a kid at mcdonalds!
tim mitchell 0
Epic fail.....if your life sucks that badly then just off yourself....Don't kill your former lover, try to steal a plane; damage it, and then only come to the conclusion that you are at the end of your rope and shoot yourself....Heck you really think no one is going to notice that a CRJ is missing?....why not just steal a single engine plane; less suspious.
AWAAlum 2
I'm kinda thinking maybe someone who's committed murder may not be in a stable frame of mind and thinking rationally? Just maybe?
PVUpilot -2
Short answer, yes.
Both of those are the WORST articles EVER for details...ANY details...aka NO details...sigh.
PVUpilot 0
There are quite a bit out there but yeah, no details. Better one:

This is one of a more serious situations we've had in a long time so I'm not expecting the details to be released too soon.
PVUpilot 0
More info "Fugitive attempts to steal plane, commits suicide"
Clive Peterson -2
well must be gapping holes in security, just hope in a jet fire it up and drive it around, might have to watch pilots a bit closer, more security no security by pass etc.
panam1971 0
It works in "Grand Theft Auto"!
Be sure not to spill any of that liquor on the keyboard...
PVUpilot -5
4th squawk about this now.
Steve Long 1
This one seems to have more info than the others.

[This poster has been suspended.]

[This comment was deleted.]

Over my head. Wish I could get it cause I'm sure it is humorous.
Looks like it posted in the wrong spot, it was supposed to be in response to the spammer.
pjshield -9
where did this dirtball sand-n***** crawl out of?
Cody Perry 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

St.George airport closed because of "incident"

A skywest plane, parked cars, and the terminal building were damaged. Both tsa and the FBI are on the scene.
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Skywest CRJ Stolen, Crashed, Suspect Commits Suicide

Officials said a Colorado murder suspect attempted to steal a plane from a Utah airport before he killed himself, CBS News confirms.
ssjan 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Did someone try to steal a SkyWest plane last night?

A DeltaConnection CRJ-700 is found in a ditch outside of St. George Airport in Utah.
lsh2429516 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

CRJ-200 "stolen" by wanted Pilot "wanted in connection with the killing of his girlfriend".

A CRJ-200 passenger jet was damaged when it ran into a parking lot after being stolen at night.
A commercial pilot wanted in connection with the killing of his girlfriend in Colorado Springs went up to the Saint George Municipal Airport, UT (SGU) gained access to the airfield by climbing over the barbed wire fence. He walked to a parked Skywest Airlines CRJ-200 and managed to board the plane and start the engines. A security guard saw the airplane starting to taxy. It reportedly struck part of the terminal building and ended up in a parking lot.
The pilot then shot himself once, killing himself inside the plane.

The CRJ200 involved had probably arrived at Saint George on Monday night at 22:36 on flight SKW7772 from Salt Lake City, UT and was staying overnight at Saint George.


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