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Vintage MiG-21 crashes at Minnesota air show (video)

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — A vintage Russian jet was destroyed after crashing Thursday morning in Minnesota as it attempted to land for a weekend air show....... I know the mechanic that worked on this MiG (N9307). According to him, the chute was not deploying properly, and then became detattched. The plane then went into the grass, the brakes locked up, causing it to spin into a fence. The pilot only had a couple bruises and is fine. He also owns a MiG 17, (406DM), which is hangered at KJXN. ( Daha Fazlası...

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phumflyer 1
Purportedly, the aircraft made 4 high-speed passes before the landing attempt. I live really close to the airport and am involved in some of its activities; from what I've heard, it probably came in a bit too fast. Between high speed and the parachute's failure, the aircraft rolled off the end of the runway (approximately 800 feet), went through a fence, and came to rest right next to a road.
steven meyer 1
The damage is not that bad-although parts would have to be manifactured, I doubt there are any off the shelf parts available.
Foxtrot789 0
I think it crashed while attempting to stop, not while 'it attempted to land...'
phumflyer 1
Landing (kind of) involves stopping. At this point, you're just splitting hairs.
Toby Sharp 0
Well your mechanic buddy just got work for the next 5 years!
Case Kittel 0
He said that they will most likely scrap it, as there is a lot of damage to the landing gear and wing, but will make the final decision once they get it back to the shop.
linbb 1
Old news already posted again and now reposted
Case Kittel 1
Sorry, was not aware. I just talked to the mechanic yesterday which spured me to post the story.

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Ricky Scott 3

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