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US Airways CEO: No decision yet on branding for 'new' AA

American Airlines rolled out its first new logo and paint scheme for its aircraft in nearly 40 years in January. But that came less than a month before American's merger with US Airways was announced on Valentine's Day (Feb. 14). ( Daha Fazlası...

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Nathan Quast 4
And here I thought the new livery was a byproduct of the merger to better reflect both airlines simultaneously.
Chris Donawho 3
Seems like a made up story on the part of USA Today. During the announcement, while Parker may have "dodged" the question, Horton deliberately answered the question by stating the new look would continue. Of course, Horton is no longer the HMFIC of the combined carrier, but this question was raised before and after the merger. Everyone wanted to know the same thing - Is American flushing cash down the toilet, knowing good and well they were close to a merger deal?

Even when the new look was rolled out, that flag-like thing on the tail immediately convinced me it was actually part of the merger deal. It has so much similarity to the ridiculous little flag-like thing on AWEs tails.

This is the first story I have seen printed that insinuated a possibility of using a different livery. I dont believe it for one minute. The damned article never even claims they spoke directly with Parker, only quoting what he said somewhere else, to someone else, on some other day. Not one single question of dialogue occurred between USA Today and Doug Parker, or Tom Horton for that matter.

Stack all that up and you have a classic case of story manufacturing on the part of USA Today, which I'm afraid is nothing new.
This shows the quality of the management. They spend thousands painting planes with the new colors a month before the merger and then announce they may not be the logo they're going to use, all this while they are in bankruptcy.
Toby Sharp 2
Then call the paint shop Jack!
ilikerio 2
So are they gonna ruin, I mean re-paint, the entire American Airlines fleet or just the new aircraft?
Chris Donawho 1
They will start with the new aircraft, naturally because they are constructed of composites and therefore cannot have that bare-metal, polished aluminum livery of the days past. Once the new fleet is in, they will then start on the rest of the fleet. By then, all MD-80s will be gone, leaving a few remaining 737s, 757s, 767s and 777s to be repainted.

So the plan is to renew the fleet, while also re-imaging the brand. If done properly, additional expenses incurred can be kept to a minimum. They have to paint the new planes anyway, right? So that's not an additional expense. They are retiring the MD-80s, so no need to waste money painting those.

Personally, I like the new look. Judging by your comment you are not a big fan of the new look. I get that but yes, once completed, the entire fleet will bear the new livery.
Ted Liversidge 1
The new AA paint on the tail reminds me of pre-World War II US military aircraft! Don't think the new look
stands out as well as the old AA polished aircraft.
Michael Stokes 1
A money-saving thought on post-merger AA+USA branding: leave all planes in the new AA scheme, but when pax lower their window shades, outside onlookers will see the words "US Air." It's symbolic. AA will wear the flight suit in this marriage.


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