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New Ground Based Electronic Lasso to Pull Planes to the Runway

"This new system delivers a cost-effective solution to increase airport capacity, decrease air traffic noise and reduce weather-related delays." I am all for a precision approach, but doesn't this take too much plain old piloting away from the people in the cockpit? What happens if the military switches off the GPS birds, or a sloar event turns them off for us? I always liked the red and green boxes on the runway to let you know if you are on the correct slope. ( More...

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David Stark 2
How does this NextGen system relate to the one that JetBlue has been using in NYC and Seattle?
Yazoo 1
David, JetBlue isn't doing anything different that any other airline. Essentially RNAV RNP. They made a big deal about JetBlue doing RNAV visual approaches in to JFK. However all the major airlines have that capability and have been using it at many other airports.
NextGen is a total redo the the national airspace system. In part it will minimize the use and/or no longer use radar and land based navigation aids. It will use the aircraft's on board navigation (GPS/FMS) to provide position, routes, to provide traffic spacing. Some day you will be able to take off from LAX, be given a Required Time At (RTA) for a feeder fix and be cleared for the approach while either on the ground in LAX or shortly after reaching the first sector controller.
Scott Woodland 2
None of this takes away from VASI, PAPIs etc on the approach. The purpose of this refined system is to allow better flight paths for larger jets, reducing travel time, reducing fuel used and allowing more planes into airports in a given period of time. For those worried about the pilot being redundant... I know that some DC-10, 747s etc, could fly 0-0 approaches (CAT III) in the early 80s without the pilot touching the controls. This is about changing the source of navigation guidance, not about doing in the pilots.
benin 2
Is it me, or is everybody trying to get rid of the pilot in general. before you know it, airplanes will be drones, or even automated like some subway systems. i'm a student in HS and working to be a pilot and i would like to see the pilot around. don't get me wrong, some of the new inventions are great, but some just take the fun out of flying.
Mark Lansdell 1
What kind of experience do you currently have with GPS navigation?

To take some of the financial sting out of the learning curve, I made a change over from Loran to GPS and coordinated it with my marine auto pilot. It wasn't as precise as it is now, but it allowed me to work in two dimensions with frequent course changes over various courses and destinations. There is no third dimension or altitude component, and it's considerably lower in speed, about 20 kts or so, but the lessons are, for the most part, the same and you can't fish from no aereo plane.
Dele Obileye 1
When you reflect on course of developments in technology for aviation especially the drones, you ponder on the future of pilots- would they become redundant?
Yazoo 1
I don't see how this differs from a WAAS enabled GPS approach.
Shane Murdoch 1
If Houston is so focused on safety then perhaps they can use their innovative streak to do something about those damn carts zipping through the terminals! I don't know how many times I've had to jump for my life from the maniac drivers dodging though the foot traffic.
Mark Lansdell 1
FAA is not the authority running the airport. You'll have to talk to them. or the carrier who is leasing that section of the terminal. A picture of the offending go cart driver would probably go a long way.
James Chatman -1
I'am another one of those pilots that always like to see the red and green light at the end of runway, as i glide down slope.


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