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New Air New Zealand livery takes flight

Air New Zealand’s first aircraft bearing the airline’s new livery is taking flight across the country. The A320 aircraft has entered service on Air New Zealand’s domestic network, flying principally between Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Joel Shkedy 5
The livery looks gorgeous, but those sharklets... its so weird to see them on an airbus...
Ryan Carson 1
I know i does look weird.
Michael Demura 1
Awesome livery! I can't wait to see it in Australia. Here's a similar but slightly varied version of the new livery - see what you think
Martin Haisman 1
Simple and elegant.
Gerry Clare 1
Looking good

can't wait to see the entire fleet like this
patrick legein 1
not my taste, way to contrived!Why didn't ask students from art colleges to come up with a good logo
Ryan Carson 1
I love that livery
Patrick Smith 1
Nice to see that the livery is not based on 100% "culture" interests! Looks sleek and pretty well thought out.
James Eaton 1
Very striking colors: good color matching and symbolism.

Great job - well thought through.
patrick legein 1
do not like it at all, to much decoration if you ask me
Well done Air New Zealand great logo Although the logo for Rugby world cup was a good one Happy Flying.
Michael Wendt 1
My wife likes it, I can't say the picture excites me. Too be fair, I need to see it in person.
Bill Bullock 1
Well they need something to celebrate after the Americas Cup debacle
Martin Haisman 2
The America cup had some controversy initially and some cheating by the US. In the end it was by the rules and a loss of 44 seconds. Big US superpower and little NZ and still come second. Not too bad some room for improvement.
Sang Le 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Air New Zealand debuts new livery

Air New Zealand is now sporting a new look.

The first domestic aircraft bearing the carrier's new livery began flying this week.

The new white livery features a black tail with the New Zealand Fern Mark in white.

Most of the carrier's 103 aircraft will be decorated in the white version of the livery, but a small number will come in an all-black version.


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