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Observation Decks Around the World

This list outlines many airports around the world with observation areas, many of them in the open air, offering easy access from the terminal building. ( Daha Fazlası...

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panam1971 2
In addition to the observation deck, GRR also has an excellent spotting park at the south side of the airfield.
I am going to the deck next time I fly.
Richard Judy 2
Anchorage Int'l has an excellent observation deck right past security. It's on the second floor and there are ample signs telling you how to get there. An added bonus is the excellent native artwork displayed. If you have some time to kill, seek it out because there is WiFi, plenty of outlets, and best of all, it's QUIET!
siriusloon -4
Nice touch putting the last word in all caps and adding an exclamation mark, too.

Were you being ironic? Or perhaps artisanal?
Richard Judy 4
I simply meant that it is quieter than sitting in a busy gate area. Why do people read so much into what is said?
siriusloon -4
You're the one who typed the word "quiet" in all caps and added the exclamation mark. Presumably you did that deliberately...or did you do it in a daze and not notice until it was commented on?

You object to people "reading so much into what is said", but you had to explain that the word "quiet" in all caps really meant "it is quieter than sitting in a busy gate area" -- which requires reading between the lines, i.e something that was not said. Isn't the purpose of posting to communicate something? Mean what you say, say what you mean.

And have a sense of humour. I said it was a nice touch. My post wasn't "hey moron, lose the capslock", was it? To paraphrase your closing sentence: why do people take everything so seriously?
Good list. Thanks!
Ichiro Sugioka 1
It might be worth noting that I usually have time to visit the observation deck at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport during my layovers flying from US to Europe. You will have to go through Passport Control and Security but there is no problem if you show them the boarding pass for your next flight and tell them what you are doing. Enjoy!
Perth Int'l has two observation decks. One is outdoors and is parallel to the main Runway 21/03 and provides excellent photo opportunities. The other is indoor, with air-con. It also provides good views of of the main runway and domestic terminal. Also good for photo opportunities. If you have spare time in Perth, I recommend both of these decks, but especially the outdoors one.
Aaron Donnelly 1
The last time I was in Milwaukee I found an observation area not at the terminal, but at the north end of the airport. right by the approach end of 19R.
I'm surprised with as many times as they tout the tourism there, they never thought about Las Vegas.

KLAS has one parallel to the 25s, on Sunset Road. They feed ATC directly there and broadcast it over FM radio. Great place to observe and listen to ATC, both during the day and night. New year's eve and July 4th, that lot is PACKED, as it is also a great place to watch the fireworks shot off from the roofs of the casinos. So imagine seeing that, along with arrivals coming in, plus listening to ATC. Better yet, imagine being on that flight that shoots the visual approach to 19L or 19R, and are greeted with fireworks!

The other place is KVGT. They have a park tucked between the thresholds of 12R and 7, off the intersection of Decatur, Cheyenne, and Lake Mead Blvd. ATC is piped into there as well. Calm wind runways there are 12L, 12R, and 7, so you get really up close and personal with the arrivals.

I haven't found better spotting areas in the CONUS, especially with features like those.


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