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Soaring flight fees: Almost $1,300 for a 'free' Aeroplan trip

These days the taxes and surcharges added to airfares in Canada can cost more than the plane ticket itself and that means consumers looking to use loyalty rewards are paying big bucks to fly for “free”. Elaine and Ben Kashani are always dreaming of their next travel adventure. They've been around the world on their Aeroplan points. In the past decade they’ve traveled to Cambodia, Vietnam, Italy, France, Brazil, Argentina, China and Japan. ( Daha Fazlası...

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CaptainFreedom 2
I travelled to Orlando last year with my family, doing the obligatory trip to WDW. Flying out of Buffalo resulted in savings of over $1200 Cdn over departing from Pearson. Parking cost $42 for 1 week, vs $175 in the LONG TERM lot at Pearson, about 4 miles from the airport. This is having a devastating effect on Canada's airlines. Even with the currency differential, it is a no brainer. It is only partially explained by the flyer-pay based system in Canada, vs the subsized system in the US where the non-travelling population in effect helps foot the bill for those who fly.
(Considering that e.g. Air Canada & WestJet are reportedly profitable, it's not quite a "devastating" effect.)
CaptainFreedom 2
I think that it still has a negative impact on their top line, and certainly helps carriers like Alaska and Trans Air who move a lot of Canadians out of Bellingham and Buffalo.
Logger1 1
Yup. I agree. We always look at Bellingham first now.
Al Johnson 1
Flying AC in Canada / US and across the pond to England & Europe using aeroplan for me is a no no. I "purchased" an aeroplan trip from BKK via FRA to YOW return, total cost per pax, taxes and fees is $865.81 CAD. I now only use Aeroplan for my long distance flights that have Star Alliance partners. I "PAY" for the other flights to get the Aeroplan segments to boost my flight status. Also look at the Star Alliance web site you can book some interesting trips online with them especially the round the world ones, some conditions apply though.
You avoid the long cattle runs at Pearson with the US Customs if you fly out of Syracuse or Buffalo.Three weeks of parking at Syracuse is $150 USThe hotel there is right close to the airport.Everyone who works there is very nice and obliging.Don't ever have the misfortune to fly into Pearson without your baggage.My United Flight was cancelled in Cleveland.They put me on Air Canada but my baggage never made it onto AC.It took a long time to clear Customs.Almost missed my ride back home.
Robert Charley 1
A couple of years ago I was planning to use my accumulated Aeroplan miles to take my wife, two daughters and me to visit family in the UK. On the final screen, before I committed to my "free" tickets, I saw that they were going to cost me over $3,000!!! For "free" travel! So I checked what it would be to use my Delta miles to fly out of Buffalo, and the total bill was around $400!! Slightly less convenient (the AC flight would have been direct from Toronto, Delta was from BUF, change at DTW) but I am sure you can guess which option I took!

That then left me with the dilemma of what to do with the Aeroplan miles, which would expire within the year. I found I could use them to buy Amex gift cards, which I then used to buy a 65" plasma screen smart TV, stand for said screen and two Sony Blue Rays with surround sound and smart TV capabilities.

Aeroplan mileage is useless for any travel originating in Canada because of the fees added.
selby50c 1
I agree with many of the comments on this thread.
However, I have had some success always using Aeroplan points/miles for business class travel to MAN out of YYZ. Interestingly, AC seldom pops up as a flight segment - Aeroplan seem to piece it off to a partner airline, which, of course, involves a change at EWR or PHL. Or even worse YOW or YUL. Is there a financial benefit to AC to do this ?
This all said, I have not tried booking Aeroplan out of BUF to MAN. That should be a fun exercise!!! I agree that sometimes, the drive down to BUF, and the parking, etc., appears to be be worth it. Not yet done so.
Just my two cents worth....
Henry Matias 1
When ever I get a chance I too go to Buffalo to fly out and save money. This bloody Government only knows how to rob us in Canada.
Henry Matias 1
Their loving it, making money off the Canadians. Our country does not know how to make money. We sell the chickens that lay the Golden eggs. Look at our 407.
I can go on for ever.
Tom Appleton 1
As far as I'm concerned, Aeroplan has now priced themselves out of contention. I've cancelled my Aerogold card and switched to a competitor where I get much lower points 'price' and lower 'fees'.


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