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Electric Airbus Kills Your Excuses For Not Having A Pilot's License (Videos)

You will soon be able to fly silently and with zero emissions in electric aircraft, just like electric cars. (But not flying cars, because that’s a terrible idea.) Airbus has developed a futuristic new prototype to demonstrate emerging green technologies. Even if you would never dream of stepping foot in such a small aircraft, this is a glimpse at flight’s future. ( Daha Fazlası...

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FlightSeer 2
Notwithstanding the fact that the plane is a sharp little number, yes, I'd say this headline has some hyperbole! Curiosity at an Air Show? Quite likely. Another toy for the rich and famous? Probably. A plane in every driveway? Probably not. And, I'm getting really very weary of hearing about "zero emission this" and "zero emission that". Hello?!?!? Emissions are simply DISPLACED- moved elsewhere- and there is likely a certain amount of efficiency loss in the process of said displacement or movement.
It will probably DISPLACE a million bucks when the FAA gets done.
randomguy 2
Yea, it is a dumb term, but in most cases it's actually more efficient to move the emissions where the power plant can run at scale. Also remember to count the emissions to produce the non-"zero emissions" stuff too.
btweston 1
Emissions are not "simply displaced," and you cannot generally claim that there will be a loss of efficiency.
Mike Mohle 1
Cool, how much? I can see the commercials now: "Buy an E-Fan and get a free Tesla". FBOs will be popping up at the range of these aircraft, each with a Tesla for a courtesy car for use for business or while charging up. Coal powered aircraft, the wave of the future!
Lol, coal powered.
Torsten Hoff 1
This is certainly not the first time the E-Fan has been mentioned here, but this includes some cool videos.
joel wiley 1
This must be a wonderful craft if it can kill excuses for not having a pilot's license such as health issues, eyesight, vertigo, seizure disorder, etc. Then again the headline may just be hyperbole.
No problem. About a third of people driving cars shouldn't be either. Lol
bentwing60 1
And if folks don't believe a considerable number of people who obtained pilot licenses shouldn't have, then they don't read accident reports. I don't mean the ones that make the press, I mean the hundreds that FAA and NTSB records document every year that most never see.
btweston 1
Pretty sure they were talking about fuel prices.


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