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Video: A-26 Invader Nose Gear Collapse On Landing

On Monday, July 25th, the A-26 Invader "Silver Dragon" suffered a nose gear collapse on landing at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016. The crew had already executed a go around after hearing a pop while cycling the gear, and orbited to troubleshoot the problem. Eventually the decision was made to land on runway 36. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Charles Crary 2
I've worked in aviation maintenance for about 40 years. It's my opinion that gear problems are 98% due to poor maintenance problems.
Broke my heart for the aircraft. I can not imagine what the pilot was thinking. Also can't imagine what the fire dept. was thinking once they got to the craft, saw no one going forward to check, saw no ladder coming off any truck. Were they struck dumb when they got there. No bad training ever goes to waste. The pilot did hold it straight thou, to bad he couldn't have found the switch to kill the engines sooner, like right at touchdown. Wonder how many times the insurance company has watched this?
Vincent Smith 1
Yes regards CFR squad at Airport...No sense of Urgency. Where the Hell was the ladder where they waiting for fire to start?? The occupants were dressed very causally much skin exposed. A ladder truck should have been dispatched immediately.
loplo 1
Occupants: 1
Epic failure of the one who edited the aviation-safety database.
Jeff Lawson 1
Incident summary --
kyle estep 2
I counted at least 5 occupants, not 1 per the report.
bartmiller 1
Good directional control on the landing. But WTF were they doing all standing around on a smoldering plane?! Get the heck off that thing ASAP. Even if you have to jump and strain/break an ankle, it's better than being part of a fireball.
Ruger9X19 1
Guess I am the only one glad they used good judgment and didn't cause a lot more damage by using retardant unnecessarily.
Victor Engel 1
Seems like they could have kept the nose up longer, touching it down at a much slower speed. I saw a fighter do just that once at the Guatemala City airport in the 70s. It essentially rode a wheelie most of the way down the runway until it needed to turn in. Then the pilot brought the nose down. Of course this isn't a fighter, but look at the stabilizer. It's essentially flat. There certainly was room to keep some pressure off the front wheel.
Vincent Smith 1
For Certain Crew did not execute a true soft Field landing Technique. Effective CRM would have helped No doubt. After replaying several times the Nose Gear simply was not held off the pavement as LONG AS it Could have been. Perhaps the CG was a bit forward also which would compound the issue. Do not know how much fuel was on board. All the crew member stations appeared towards the forward area. If there was any cargo On board I would have ask that to be moved aft to enable more a tail down moment in the elongated flare of a soft field landing technique.
Thank you.
Thomas Clark 1
Thank God the nose didn't catch on fire, the evacuees would have had a very high jump to the tarmac.
Those fire rescue units were defiantly not prepared. also known as the katzenjammer bunch!
linbb 1
Great job,not, by the fire dept getting them off of the AC one would think that someone would help them.
Ruger9X19 3
I will give them credit for a quick response to the aircraft, much better than the Travis AFB fiasco a few years ago. (I'm still angry over that one)
I would have expected the fire department to use some foam although the fire was out when they arrived and also to offer a ladder to the crew to come down. It would be a pity to survive unhurt a crash landing then break your leg falling off the fuselage.
DNev 1
It seemed obvious from the commentary on the tape that they knew they had a potential problem. That being the case the pilot should have planned the approach and shut down the engines. If he had they would have saved two engine rebuilds and just had to replace the props. A costly mistake.
Bernie20910 1
And since they knew they had a problem, why was there no visible emergency equipment nearby? It took an awful long time for emergency personnel to reach the scene, which leads me to believe they were not prepared for this and standing by.
Ruger9X19 1
Did you and I watch the same video? The first airport vehicle was on scene within 10 seconds of the aircraft stopping and the first rescue truck was on scene within 30 seconds. That is one of the quickest responses I've seen to an incident like that.
Bernie20910 1
I did watch the video, and saw no emergency equipment standing by while he was still in the air, or after he touched down. The only "airport vehicle" I saw was a pickup truck with lights, not exactly an emergency vehicle.

As others have mentioned here, it took an awful long time for a ladder to be brought out and for them to finally get off the aircraft. I really don't think the airport emergency crews were told he was coming in with a gear problem.


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