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All Flights To, From Greek Airports Cancelled

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed that, according to Greek media, all flights to and from airports in Greece will be cancelled on October 9, October 10, October 12 and October 13 due to 24-hour relay strikes of air traffic controllers. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Frank DeLeon 9
I was a controller on August 3, 1981, when PATCO, and the arrogant and self-destructive union bosses running it, led thousands of good controllers to lose their jobs. Those bosses ended up doing well for themselves while line controllers lost their homes, their families, and some, their lives. PATCO's mantra was, "They can't fire us all!" Well Reagan did. Pathetically, some who walked later came back whining and begging and using all kinds of excuses on why they stepped all over their oath and "really" didn't show up for work. It was not fun times for those who walked, and those who didn't.
ken young 2
My Brother was a newly hired ATC during that time. And I can tell you that he wass 100% opposed to the strike. In fact he was going to report for work but found out that the strikers were vandalizing the cars of those who wanted to keep their jobs.
The whole thing was a piece of crap...The union bosses were DEAD WRONG.
They knew the federal laws barring federal employees from staging any type of job action.
The Controllers, for the most part were used as pawns by those who had their own self interests in mind.
Gary Bennett 2
Sorry Frank but you controllers had to vote for the strike. The union bosses could not have called a strike unless most 50%+ wanted it. So you may have been led down a bad path but you didn't need to follow.
joel wiley 3
Your assertion that the union bossed could not have called a strike unless most 50% wanted it needs a closer look. That sounds like rank & file are driving the process. In my experience, union leaders tend to drive the discussion and try to convince the members to vote their way. In 45 years of inside observation of union activities I have rarely seen union leaders (call them bosses, management or whatever) engaged in overly altruistic efforts.
Gary Bennett 1
I do not have the experience that you do , only 34 years. It still takes a fifty one percent vote from the membership to call a strike That is just how it works! If you do not vote, and go out on strike that is your fault! Simple...
ken young 2
That only applies if all members or at least a plurality of members actually voted.
And despite the fact that so called 'card check' does not exist, union bosses and the more activist union members have ways of finding out who voted and which way. There is a lot of pressure brought to bear to vote in the way the leadership wishes the vote to go.
And those who are discovered to have gone "the other way" are harassed by their fellow workers.
So if anyone thinks there is democracy within the ranks of union members, they are delusional.
My father was a union member until he was promoted to management....Form him I learned the expression "don't rock the boat"
Gary Bennett 1
Been there done that never been pressured to vote to the point I would change.
joel wiley 1
Right, 50% +1 of membership voting. I looked for info on how many controllers actually voted and plurality of the vote. Haven't found anything. Was wondering how many voted and what the % was.
Gary Bennett 1
The problem is if you do not vote the % change so the membership can only change things if they vote.
jose colaco 1
Agree with you absolutely, Gary. Eventually, one has to make a decision in favour of Family & Self v Solidarity with unions ( important a role as unions play ). I believe that the ATCs had one other choice : Just Turn Up to Work !
n42769 1
I was VP of our local and I joined JUST to try to tell the guys the truth... PATCO was going to lose from the start. They "promised that they would NOT go without 80% (NOT a typo -- eighty percent was the story from the "War Horses") They FORGOT to count the Supes (our "chief" had made all 15 Supes get better than "current" over the preceding months) They also did not count the staff that had to stay current. Remember the "vote" in May did NOT get enough votes to "strike" then, so they tried again for the Aug. 4th date. We lost 44 FPLs but kept 19, plus 10 from staff and 15 supes. Our traffic never slowed down. Most lied to get back in, but then the peanut farmer gave them amnesty if you remember.
linbb 6
And some in the US want to privatize our ATC? This happens quite often over on the other side of the pond.

Great idea not to do here in the USA let the unions control more of our lives.
Roy Hunte -2
The unions did actually cause ATC to shut down once in the US a few years ago. The POTUS at that time (I think it was either Nixon or Carter) fired the whole bunch and put a mandate in place that the event should never happen again. (I believe I am right about that last part.)
Matt Kladder 5
He didn't put a mandate in place, there always had been a law that prohibited federal employees from going on strike, hence the ability to fire all who did.
Terry Isom 4
It was POTUS Reagan....
Roy Hunte 1
Thanks Terry.
Knew a bunch of those controllers. They were led down a bad road by the union boss. Not real smart to challenge the President when you have a president with balls ; like Reagan.
bentwing60 1
Wasn't exactly the best of times for GA/corporate either Couldn't get en IFR reservation, no pop-ups, no actual conditions training, and Campbell-Taggert lost a new Mu-2 full of their upper level execs. on an Arkansas mole hill for lack of a clearance and scud running.
aknorris 2
The year was 1981, and on Aug. 5, 1981, President Reagan fired 11,000 striking air traffic controllers who ignored his order to return to work.

In 1955, Congress made such strikes punishable by fines or a one-year jail term — a law the Supreme Court upheld in 1971.

Reagan also imposed a lifetime ban on rehiring the strikers. In October 1981, the Federal Labor Relations Authority decertified Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization.
Pa Thomas 1
And NATCA was formed in 1987. And, as a taxpayer, you are still paying for the giant employment sucker hole Reagan created.
ken young 1
'Scuse me.....Reagan did no such thing...The strikers, who had a choice to obey or disobey the law, chose unwisely.
The strikers fired themselves.
Larry Toler 2
Not much of a story, but scrolled down and read another story which the strike was called off. Nothing to see here anymore. Let's see if I can post the link.
John Timms 1
and this pertains to Greece and its people how?
ken young 1
ummm.CUz that is where the air traffic shut down was?
Paul Thomas 1
Oh geez - a strike in Greece? Shocking :) [I'm Greek, so I can make fun of us]
ken young 1
Ridiculous strikes are not unique to Greece. For crying out loud, in France a week does not go by when some union gets is panties in a wad over some perceived insult or slight.
Those people have unions that represent people who pull weeds from flower beds.....
Yep, The Unions are just Like the IRS and other Government Agencies NO Difference. Their common motto is "YOU CAN PAY WHILE WE PLAY"
ken young 2
yep....Here's a question....Have you ever encountered a union delegate or union boss that was poor? Or even middle class? Or drove a car that you can only dream of owning?....
lixunyu -2
everyone can you speak Chinese


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