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United Charges Returning Soldier For Overweight Bag

United Airlines just went through a huge fiasco last month BUT didn't learn. After serving 21 months in Afghanistan, a National Guard soldier says United Airlines charged him $200 for an overweight bag that was full of his military gear. ( More...

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mark gerrard 4
United should have waived the charge like most other airlines do for someone who has put their life on the line for the country. I'm sure congressmen and senators don't pay excess charges or there would be a change in the rules pretty quick but as always it's Joe Public who gets the short end
canuck44 8
What he should have done is open his kit and put on all the Kevlar and other gear that increased the weight along with his helmet, combat boots, survival packs etc that he is required to wear while out defending the snotty clerk. He then needs to tell that individual to reweigh it all. What are the chances they will not want him to board this way.
chalet 2
DOD shall take into consideration this extremely stupid thing on the part of another United dumba$$ whenever this lousy airline bids for further DOD contracts.
sparkie624 2
Will United ever learn... Sure it is revenue, but they need to do sometime to better themselves in the eyes of the public and right now they have a pretty big Black Eye!
Jack Carson 2
I read somewhere yesterday that United is returning his $200 and offering an apology.
mark gerrard 1
Only because he has gone public. If he hadn't they would have just kpet his money. Time they upped their game or went the way of the dodo. Dealing with them on a daily basis I know how much they suck
dc3orbust 2
I'm willing to bet anything the DoD liaison and United will rectify this situation behind the scenes and it will not make news.
matt jensen 0
DoD already issued the pair vouchers
Brian Johnson 2
The first comment on the sited page is spot on.

"Adam Henderson: This is why we don't leave lieutenant's alone... File it on your Travel Voucher and get reimbursed."

It's silly for the LT to expect special treatment, for a flight that he was paying absolutely nothing for anyway.
djames225 3
No Brian it isn't spot don't know how much he paid for the flight to begin with and why shouldn't he expect a bit of special treatment...he, and all his other comrades, are overseas putting their lives on the line every time they walk out into that range protecting the US interests and why not the special treatment?...not just for him but all those returning??
Brian Johnson -2
For the same reason I don't expect special treatment in trade for my Military service.
djames225 2
Do you think he "expected" special treatment?...a lot of government entities do get "special treatment"...and believe it or not (you may not have noticed) but you do get special treatment at places for being in and serving the military..and those places are doing this out of respect for what you do.
Daniel Bailey -2
Exactly correct! He didn't serve to get special treatment and a private, for profit business does not have to give government employees a discount when it's going to be on his expense report anyway.

Any business owners out there who will give away your product to someone because of who they choose to work for when that employer will willingly and properly pay the market rate?
djames225 2
And yet it's fine for other "government" entities to get "special treatment"?..I don't and I don't think he was expecting "special treatment" but more of a waiver.
Daniel Bailey -1
Now exactly why should someone who is travelling on orders NOT pay for a commercial carrier's services? The DOD pays for it and expects to. If he's not travelling on orders he is not allowed to travel in uniform and in that case is travelling as a civilian & should also pay for oversized luggage. Have we really become this whiney and entitied?
djames225 1
What are you rambling on about? " If he's not travelling on orders he is not allowed to travel in uniform"...WTH did you get that info?
"Military personnel may always wear their service and dress uniforms while off duty, except where doing so might bring the service into disrepute or where doing so might endanger the wearer."
Other government "officials and persons" do get huge perks flying commercial, some even complete free flights.
Daniel Bailey -1
Nope. Govt officials are prohibited from getting free "perks" & do not get free anything. They pay like responsible adults and don't whine.
Glenn Blum 2
Sad to see and the charges should have been waved.
Daniel Bailey -1
So when did private companies have to give breaks to government employees. If he's traveling on orders then it will be reimbursed.


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