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WTO condemns Boeing’s non-compliance and new subsidies

WTO: U.S. failed to comply with rulings on massive illegal subsidies provided to Boeing. WTO compliance panel report finds Boeing subsidies causing Airbus to lose hundreds of aircraft sales with an estimated value of US$ 15-20 billion ( Daha Fazlası...

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ian mcdonell 3
where are all the Boeing supporters who were giving it to Airbus recently?
djames225 2
WOW..Airbus, indirectly, is actually backing Bombardier..
canuck44 2
Not exactly news but obviously a welcome press release to Bombardier.
djames225 5
Its news because they continued the same BS since 2012 when they were told "stop"..$100 billion in sales is a WHOLE lotta aircraft
Jeff Phipps 1
If I was Bombardier, I would fax the ruling to Boeing just to bug them...I know, I'm childish.
Art Jackson 0
Interesting interpretation of the ruling. If you want to know all the facts about this latest finding you should read the WTO document. The spin in the airbus press release made me dizzy.
Actually Art, I reckon the "Airbus spin" on this hits the nail on the head:

“It seems to be clear that Boeing is doing all it can to maintain the status-quo from which it has illegally profited for all these years. Airbus looks forward to the day that this ridiculous dispute can be put to bed and we can focus our full attention on investing in further innovation and engaging in healthy competition,”

Yes, I live on the eastern side of The Pond.
linbb -7
Got anything new or just old news to repost again.
djames225 5
Old news??..Old news if this was same issue as 2012, but it's a "they didn't listen then and don't listen now.
Roy Hunte -2
joel wiley -3
Troll trolling troll over troll squawk, it must be Monday.
Gerrit K Spieker -6
The WTO is nothing but a shill for the EU and Airbus

It's about Boeing builds a better product
djames225 4
OH B.S. It's about Boeing trying to pull a fast 1 and not caring what they agreed to back 5 yrs ago....and the a..holes are going after Bombardier for dumping when all Bombardier did was knock 5 mill off each craft?...Boeing cut the 737 price almost in half.;..don't tell me it's about Boeing builds a better product crap.


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