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Taken For a Ride

JetBlue comes out swinging on checked bag fees with its newest commercial. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Daniel Baker 0
So awesome.
tedtimmons 0
Perfect analogy!
Joel Rodriguez 0
Wow, really puts bag fees into perspective. lol
MimosaDrive 0
New Yorkers can be tough and they will not stand for being charged for the first bag in the trunk... but they're okay if you charge them for the second or third bag? DON'T THINK SO!!!
Rob Olson 0
Oh yeah? What about the second bag? Southwest wins this position based on not charging any fees at all! This is stupid for Jet Blue to even do this because they do charge baggage fees on second bags and more. Almost hypocritical.
WillisRF 0
Great commercial.
Patricia Reed 0
Love it!
Larry Lenihan 0
I think the ad blows it at the end proclaming "one bag" is free. Go Southwest!
209flyboy 0
Soon it'll be cheaper to drive instead of flying. Besides you'll have more fun on the way.
curt kinder 0
I'm OK with paying for the 2nd bag. The trouble with paying for the first bag is that it is another pair of receipts I have to scan, expense and submit. The other problem is the delays in boarding and disembarking, fights over overhead space. I'm tired of being told to stow my small item at my feet - I refuse when I've paid $25 to check a bag. My feet get there very own space when I've paid the $25

I missed a connection recently owing to being too far back in a plane while everyone slowly gathered their many carryons
209flyboy 0
Now they have full body scanners where they can see through clothing,,nice! Nothing makes sense anymore and the public is dictated to for what you'll pay. Why don't they just charge a high price for the flight and stop nickel and dimeing us to death. Their marketing people are idiots.

Go Southwest!!!! They understand.
mqhammond 0
GREAT ad for Southwest....oops, this is a JetBlue ad? You rock, Southwest!


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