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United Is Near a Deal to Acquire Used Airbus Jetliners

United Continental Holdings Inc. wants to acquire as many as 40 used Airbus SE jets, seeking a thrifty way to bolster short-distance service as the airline struggles to get costs under control. ( Daha Fazlası...

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john Gargiulo 4
You could gift United new planes, however until they change their business and internal culture led by OSCAR MUNOZ, the will stay not profitable and will not flourish. Munoz has to go, he had been able to take a struggling airline and make it worsed, good job Mr. Munoz.
Ibrahim garba 0
You are entitled to your opinion, but the majority of United employees will disagree with you. Even better, based on what I read about United lately, the majority of our customers do not share your opinion.
john Gargiulo 3
I hope United does survive and is profitable we do not need to lose another major airline. I just happen to think their CEO is weak.
Michael Osmers 1
Airassociate 2
CS 100/300 Boeing missed out due to greed. Airbus got the right idea.
Leon Artac 2
Great. Who wants to pile onto an old 319 to get yelled at by the flight attendants. United can keep that old fleet. I'll fly new 737s on Southwest. United....go to H..l!
Joseph Sede 1
Or find out they sold the seat out from under you
mobilken 1
Some of Easyjets aircraft have been purchased by Allegiant to bleed of the MD-80 series. Aircraft have been maintained by SR Technics over the years from Malta location
Joseph Sede 1
Is United getting funds from the U.S. government?
matt jensen 0
What no comments from the Boeing crowd?
s2v8377 7
I'm a Boeing guy!!! But I hope United makes this deal. It makes sense and the A319 is a good aircraft. There are far more used A319s on the market than 737-700s, so it makes sense. United originally planned to acquire a large order of new 737-700s from Boeing but modified the order to 737-900ERs and 737 MAX 10s. With UA wanting to eliminate regional jet flying and no longer having the 737-700s on the table this was an obvious choice which makes sense. Eliminate the "Regional Junk" with a good cheap option which gives you airplanes now, and still gets you new larger airplanes in the future to fly more markets with higher capacities and yields.
Richard Bugbee 3
I'm a Boeing guy too (B-707, B-727, B-737, B-757, B-767), but I've also flown Airbus (A300). They are good products!
David Carr 3
Of course there are more used A319s for sale rather than the B737, I think the reason should be pretty obvious
sparkie624 1
Just saw the message.. Don't like Airbus, but getting used ones... Hmm... Don't know... Sounds like you buying someone else's problems... Why did the first company get rid of them?
Patrickdc8 4
Air Berlin is liquidating. Easyjet is getting their 320’s and United is taking Easyjet’s 319’s.
Ken McIntyre 2
..."Sounds like you buying someone else's problems"...Seen this before. The fact that they are planning some to be used only 3-4 hours a day tells me UAL might be thinking this very thing.
sparkie624 0
Unless they get a Very good price way below FMV, I do not see this as a viable deal.... Once they get them they will have to get them to match the rest of the fleet, color, interior, cockpit, etc as I believe they already have some of these a/c already and maintenance they will have to get them into the same maintenance program that they are in now and all of that is very expensive... Not to mention confirming that all the AD's and required service bulletins have been complied with. These were overseas a/c and are not subject to US AD's unless they fly in the US... There are not many 319's flying ETOPS!
Ian Deans 0
Why don't you like Airbus?????? I would have though some 11,000 of them having been built says something good.
sparkie624 2
Especially for the new ones, they force too much on automation and not enough on real piloting skills. To go manual a crew out of there way to do so. Over all my main reason is that Airbus's philosophy is that the Planes computer should have the final decision and Boeing's philosophy is that the pilot should have the final authority... I believe that a human should have the final in any situation and as much as I love computers, I do not want to be controlled by one in the air. Note the crash in Russia where a kid accidentally bumped the yolk and put the computer and thus the a/c into a bank and ultimately crashed before they realized what was going on.
honza nl 3
pilots of course never make mistakes....and Boeings never crash also?
matt jensen 2
Airbus wasn't supposed to be flown by good pilots. They designed it for third world countries and emphasis placed on automation.
Bill Butler 2
Then there's Sully in the Hudson river.
Ken McIntyre 4
Sully could fly a brick with wings. Special skill set with that man.
sparkie624 2
He is also a licensed Glider and Float Plane Pilot... what else do you need to land a Glider on Water?
Ken McIntyre 3
sparkie624 2
An Exceptional pilot, the right pilot of the job, and the FO did a great Job... God was flying Jump Seat... No one else has been able to do it without practice and being prepared for it...
Michael Osmers -2
Looks to me like a play from Delta's book. Of course the bottom line is cost and UA's upper management seems to be quite capable these days.
john Gargiulo 0
The option was for United to buy more 737-900, an airplane the has poor performance. It can have tail scrapes on takeoff and you must land at 160 knots to keep in in the air, and now Boeing is go to this plane stretch it to the 10 version. It takes forever to takeoff and to climb out of weather, and then only has initial altitude of 320 or 340, Boeing should be ashamed that this is the best they could do. Boeing had the market and lost it, they will be in the business text books along with other flops like Kodak, Xerox, IBM and New Coke. I was a big Boeing fan but the Airbus is more comfortable so if you going bounce in weather I rather be in a better seat.
Leon Artac 2
Ya, you go bounce along till the glue comes apart. That's right, glue. The 380s are falling apart. Why do you think Singapore Airlines parked one. The companies you listed are still in business brainless.
Ian Deans 2
You're talking pure crap...falling apart?
Tom Martin 0
Ya good idea...give the Europeans our money...we certainly don’t need it. Boeing guy my...
honza nl 2
written on a computer or phone made in China? Good idea to give the Chinese your money....
Chris B 2
They are used planes. Airbus wont get a penny.

Its all about trying to make an better financial decision.


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