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British Airways A380 captain reveals what it’s like to fly the biggest passenger aircraft in the world

The 48-year-old has been flying the A380 for two years now and has kindly agreed to tell MailOnline Travel just what it's like to be in control of one. And it turns out that the low levels of noise it makes is one of the most surprising aspects of flying it. ( Daha Fazlası...

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indy2001 8
"It’s so big that only around 20 runways in the world can handle it."
What a ridiculous statement. The A380 can easily land on runways that are 150 ft (45 m) wide, which is the standard for runways at major airports worldwide. From a 2007 article in Flight Global..."Airbus points out that the A380 has already flown into and out of more than 45 airports, and says that by 2011 more than 70 airports will be ready for A380 operations, including having compatible gates and passenger handling capacity."

Also, except for the superfluous BTV, I don't see anything in the A380 cockpit that isn't standard on all new aircraft models from Boeing and Airbus.
Yes, that cannot be factually correct. There has to be diversion airports along the planned routes and there are at least 30 if not more A380 routes. Having only 20 runways does not seem right.
One diversion airport being here in Bangor. We had an Etihad A380 land here a year or so ago.
dee9bee 4
I'm thinking the A380 can land at many airports but only at the expense of the normal ground traffic flow. Land one at San Diego (KSAN)? You could land it and get it on the parallel taxiway but no one else could use the runway, too closely spaced from the taxiway. I don't know this for sure, just a possible example.

Even at LAX, the '380 cannot land on 24R and hold short of the left. If this should happen, the north side of the airport is now shut down. The local controller and Ground need to coordinate so the 380 doesn't have to stop between the runways.
dee9bee 2
I don't know who downvoted me, but check out the blog "View From the Tower" dated August 17th, 2017. It explains things quite well, regarding LAX at least.
joel wiley 0
"The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on"
You lacked slavish praise for AB, over which some can take umbrage.
btweston 1
Obvious conspiracy. Let’s tell Alex Jones.
Stefan Sobol 2
While the A380 can operate from 150 foot wide runways, the problem is more due to the aircraft weight versus the size. Also, the associated taxiways have to be strong enough and wide enough in the turns. Most airports the handle the A380 had to undergo extensive changes and usually the A380 has only limited taxi routes. There is also the issue of while you may be able to land an A380 on a lot on runways, will it be able to takeoff from those same ones.
akrodriguez 1
The article doesn’t quote the capt on the runway count. Perhaps the author came up with that.
btweston -3
Wow. You’ve really taken the Daily Mail to task here. Who’s next, Lex Luthor?

Relax. You’ll live longer.
joel wiley 1
‘In crosswinds it’s very responsive and handles extremely well,’ says Bunton....

As was demonstrated recently in this FA post:
babyracer 1
So, what are you actually saying? That Bunton was lying or that you agree with her and posted that to reinforce said agreement?
joel wiley 0
I was actually saying what I was actually saying. What do you infer?
babyracer 0
I don't infer anything, merely asked a question to your intent as it is unclear.


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