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Refusal of Calif airport screening is Internet hit

SAN DIEGO (AP) — A man who refused a body scan and pat-down search at a San Diego airport has become an Internet sensation in the debate weighing fliers' security versus their privacy. John Tyner post . . . ( Daha Fazlası...

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Jeff Lawson 0
The associated blog post is []
cbw 0
It is a very interesting read.
Notice when he say's he'll press charges against the TSA they say he threatened them. Good for this guy for standing up for our rights. I don't fly commercial anymore. Read the polls associated with this story, people are starting to not fly because of this treatment. The airline and travel industry will suffer. The terrorists have already won. Once again our stupid government punishes law abiding citizens, not the criminals or in this case the terrorists. They can't even figure out what to do with the terrorists at Gitmo or that doctor who shot the soldiers at Ft. Hood. KILL THEM!
Masonroni 0
If we knew the criminals, then we wouldn't need the security system we have in place today. I do however feel we have gone to far, especially with our money trying to protect us, while violating our rights. I know an effective way. El-Al airlines. Put masked guards with high power ammo on the planes and I PROMISE you, the first dumb-ass to act stupid would get SMOKED harder than a piggy at a wienie roast. Highly effective and security measures that people can actually witness.
There are corrupt punks all around the world. You fight power with power. Let's get it together folks, anyone can break the law to ensure safety. It happens everyday in Washington.
Cal Keegan 0
So now for my safety the government needs to either feel my dick or take a picture of it. There's only one more place for them to go and that is to start sticking their fingers up everybody's butts. It's what's next. Hey if you don't like it, you don't have to fly, right? No Happy Meals. No salt. Mandatory body cavity searches. Welcome to America, the cradle of liberty!
Andres Carazo 0
TSA what a piece of crap agency. I think should stand up and start protecting these searches. There is no guarantee that these illegal searches will ensure the safety of commercial flying. To the contrary, all it will do is enrage the public and turn people off from flying. People should stop being afraid to stand up for what is right and should boycott these illegal searches. if enough people start protecting and raising hell, let's see how long the TSA will last. DISBAND THE TSA! There are better ways to safeguard the safety of the American public and passengers in general which does not require violating people's right.
Brady Barkey 0
Maybe they should just have "all nude" flights....I'm just sayin'....giggity.
Jack Douglas 0
I agree it is an uncomfortable situation, but what would the critics be saying if a catastrophic event did occur w/o the stepped up screening.... "Where the hell was TSA?!" Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Come up with a better idea if you have one.
Derrick White 0
I think the guy is a moron, "you touch my junk...". Yup, lets change this pre-flight screening (again). What? Are we now at the 4th different pre-screen since 9-11? Lets make all these "flyers rights" people happy & stop doing it. All will be fine until we lose another plane(s) and/or building(s). My message to all the "flyers rights" idiots: Fly El-Al, just once. You'll be happy with the body scan/pat down. Bon voyage!
Irving Waldorf 0
Do people REALLY have that big of a problem with the full body scanners? Get over it and get on the plane. As for enhanced pat downs, etc., I might have a problem unless the screener is super hot and desirable.
Dwayne Rea 0
TSA needs to be abolished. . .
Our rights and freedoms are being taken away exceptionally fast.
Think about it. . YOU or I would be instantly sentenced as a sexual offender and placed on a national sexual predator database if we even THOUGHT about doing anything close to what these thugs do. Even doctors cannot do what these thugs do without being sent to trail for indecent liberties. Not only that, our very CHILDREN are being fondled by these thugs. And they are being fondled LEGALLY.

Get rid of this political correctness stuff. Stop allowing our government to legalize fondling of our children and sexual abuse to ourselves in the name of "safety".

CAVUMark 0
I bet he was hiding something.
How much c-4 can you stuff up your hind end?
william carrollo 0
you talk about your rights and freedom, I talk about my safety, get the body search and stop .
209flyboy 0
Masonroni has the answer, put a visable armed presence on the plane. One in the front and one in the back. It would be cheaper than hiring these idiotic TSA agents who do nothing to help the situation. I personally have opted to take the train more often when traveling cross country. It's a lot more relaxing, keeps my blood pressure down and slows me down where I should be and the food is quite good.
The TSA is now checking 'Things' instead of people. Shoes, underwear, soda, shaving cream, food.
Our government has reached a new level of lunacy. The TSA should be abandoned and yes! profiling should be promoted and advertised. After all, we are submitting our law abiding citizens to gross humiliations in the guise of political correctness. Checking private body parts and requiring women to submit to these intrusive searches is a travisty of our way of life which I feel is a major infringement on our freedom. These TSA agents and those who instituted this procedure should be sued for sexual harassment as well. Put armed guards on the plane!
Elvin Zhou 0
Armed guards... I don't think that works... That'd be like putting two potential terrosits with weapons that could probably kill everyone on the plane in minutes... There was that soldier in Fort Worth... who knows if there will be second???
crk112 0
What the hell good is a lawsuit and a fine going to do? I can't believe how much of a JOKE the so-called TSA is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
209flyboy 0
OK, so you don't like armed guards, How about this?

Here's a possible solution to the controversy over full-body scanners at airports.

Develop an enclosed booth that passengers step into but, instead of X-raying them, when the door closes, it will detonate any explosive device they have hidden on or in their body. The explosion will be contained within the sealed booth. This would be a win-win for everyone!

There would be no concern about racial profiling. The booth would eliminate long, expensive trials.

You're in the airport and you hear a muffled explosion, followed by an announcement over the PA system, "Attention, standby passengers, we now have a seat available on flight number..."

What's not to like?
Doug MacLean 0
I feel sorry for those of you who feel it necessary to defend or accept the TSA's latest round of inspection procedures. You appear to be suffering under the impression that the show put on, in the name of security, at the airport checkpoint in some way reduces the chance that your airline flight might be the target of a terrorist attack. While there is an extremely outside chance it may act as a deterrent to a mentally unstable attention getter, I'm convinced that that show merely amuses the terrorists.

The enemies of our nation are smart, dedicated to their cause, and knowledgeable about our security procedures and systems. There are far too many ways to bypass airport security measures and the bad guys know them. Funding the TSA's checkpoint security show is a useless and colossal waste of money. You surrendering your 4th amendment rights accomplishes nothing. Attention should be focused on potential evil-doers. While it is not “politically correct” it is going to require profiling, like it or not.
ddesfosse 0
@209: Nice!


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