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OPINION: Trump's Foreign Policy Pledges Should Worry Boeing

Airbus and Boeing are not victims of the US decision to unilaterally withdraw from a nearly three-year-old agreement with Iran. ( Daha Fazlası...

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SoNic67 2
If the current administration will hit any company (including banks) that does business with Iran with sanctions, I am sure that even the Chinese will choose to make commerce with US versus Iran.
It's just the market size, no matter what their policy wants. China needs the US cash to feed their increasing military expenditures. For now...
Tim Marks 2
The 'deal' was put in place by executive fiat after being rejected by Congress in 2015. IF the law would have been followed, Congress should have taken up the executive order and voted on it within the first year - which did not happen in deference to whom was slated to become the next President (can't imagine how bad that would have turned out).

Declaring this 'deal' dead using another executive order in the current administration is absolutely legal and in line with Constitutional law, in spite of the off-base declarations of the far left to the contrary. Congress will now have the responsibility to review and vote on the next treaty, holding Iran accountable to the letter of the law, that will have the backing of the people of the United States. There may even be a carry over of the aircraft deal, if Iran can show it will actually join the rest of the civilized world and abide by the terms of the treaty.
The opinion (and that's what it is) fails to take into account that Russia and the PRC are signatories to the Iranian nuclear deal, and China's economic sway, combined with Russia's control of energy resources the EU relies quite a bit upon, should those nations decide to follow Trump's lead (and a few are seen as unlikely to for various other reasons). We also still do not know what the response will be from other nations who CAN pay for aircraft orders what their response to Boeing will be as a result of Trump's unilateral and politically charged decision to scrap the deal outright.

If the current and ever-evolving Trump Administration continues down its current course of action (which appears to be geared towards outright warfare with Iran in the near future), there is no predicting how other nations will react to that. From what I can tell, we would largely end up going it alone in such a conflict, possibly joined by Israel in some way (who has pushed for regime change in Iran since the Netanyahu gov't took control). The results to the US economy could be crippling, and not just for Boeing.

As for the tit-for-tat bickering over tariffs between China and the US, Trump's confusing policies over this may cost Boeing a few sales with China, but in the end China holds all the cards (and a huge amount of US debt), so we'll see how far Trump is willing to push that line of political action and rhetoric (so far mostly the latter). If the Trump Administration pushes too far, China could simply dump US debt onto the open market and cripple the US economy for a generation, something many Americans now realize (or at least should).

Of course, this is just my opinion, having nothing better to do than pay attention to all the puzzle pieces and how they fit together under what conditions. My concern about the scrapping of the Iranian nuclear deal is they can now legitimately resume RIGHT NOW a nuclear weapons enrichment program, and they no longer have any reason to trust that the US will ever stand by any agreements made.

And that's something the whole world should take note of.
SoNic67 2
China dump the debt? Sure that would be unpleasant for US, but what that will do for their +1 billion slave workers? They don't want any internal un-reast, at least not until they finish the military build-up.
They use the debt as leverage for their policy, to bully, but never will turn that leverage in a pile of worthless papers.


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