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(VIDEO) SNL - Message from the TSA

Lonley during the holiday season? Find a companion with a TSA patdown at airport security. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Sebastian Sarlov 0
Laughed soooo much when I saw it on the TV.
Joel Rodriguez 0
Maureen Stanford 0
Jane Ford 0
I didn't see it, unfortunately, but did they mention that TSA now stands for "Total Sexual Assault"??
sparkie624 0
I am not a big fan of SNL, but this is the best. Love it. Very Well stated!
James Wilson 0
Can't watch the video. Not available to Canadians!
Nige Lites 0
Not just Canadians can't see it, Hulu not able/allowed to stream outside USA.
But it is on You-Tube;
Michael Michael 0
Very funny, a good laugh is a great way to begin the day. Thanks for sharing the link.
Chas Bicking 0
TSA's new public relations slogan: "Serving the traveling public with security screening and massage."
Andres Carazo 0
Well put! President Obeyme and the a**hole running the TSA, did you, pfhuckers, see the sketch? I hope you did!! After the rape of a passenger by one of TSA's best-the so-called behavior detection officer-, and the numerous illegal patdowns, it is time for someone to take notice and do something about it!!
lakewood85 0 justification for G.A.
Ralph Wigzell 0
Do TSA agents get the pat down if they are flying off duty?
iflypvt 0
@ John, AGREED....I fly priveate for a avoid TSA! Laughed w/tears in my eyes as we do have to ferry ourselfs somwhat to pickup repositioned aircraft and are subject to TSA search! Thx guys for the repost miss SNL! "Tami"
William Bower 0
Just flew to Miami and back. Did not get patted down once nor did anyone in my party of 4 people. Just another bunch of BS being perpetrated by the clowns at Fox News as well as people who just want to whine. The whole BS about pat downs is as big a fraud as bottles water.
Jfueler 0
Thats funny!
Jackie Butcher 0
I loved this. Priceless!


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