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Investigators identify Russian military unit in downing of flight MH17

The Dutch Safety Board concluded that the Boeing 777 was struck by a Russian-made Buk missile. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Richard Smith 5
The Russian government will never admit guilt, nor will they be held accountable. They behave like 5 year-old children. Sad.
djames225 2
They don't have to admit guilt, it's already proven and they have said nothing to the contrary. And yes, they will be held accountable, after all 5 yr old children need to be punished if they were bad, don't they?
btweston 4
We have that problem here in America. Sad.
I have to comment...does it really matter ...all the innocent people died for no reason and nothing will ever happen to who ever shot down a COMMERCIAL AIRLINER really sucks ...RIP to all those lost ..
djames225 9
It matters a great deal to the families and friends of those who did perish for no reason. And the only reason nothing gets done is because folks sit on their laurels. I do not think the Dutch folk will sit on their laurels and I hope others back them up.
Ric Wernicke 0
Since 1983 when Russia shot down KAL007 there has been no penalty meted out for those horrible deeds.

It is time to isolate Russia from the monetary system, and block ports so nothing moves. Then seize
all Russian assets and suspend UN voting privileges.
djames225 2
A: Your ideas would go over like a ton of bricks in an already unstable environment. And why punish the citizens of Russia for a bunch of idiots?
B: It wasn't Russia who shot down KAL007, it was USSR during the cold war era and trying to get those folks to man up and admit anything was like trying to yank out hen's teeth.
C: Right now best course of action is to let Australia and Netherlands go after them tooth and nail and back them up.


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