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Airbus confirms plans for a new ultra long-range A350 XWB

Toulouse - Airbus has confirmed that the study for a new ultra long range version of the A350 XWB is on the agenda of the European aircraft manufacturer, in particular, to meet the demand of the Australian flag carrier Qantas. ( Daha Fazlası...

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jbermo 2
JFK-SYD-JFK? How much more range required until such a request equates to halfway around the world? No need to ever build an airplane that can legally fly more than halfway around the world.
william baker 1
Just a thought here. If they built a plane that could fly halfway around the world there would be a lot of logistical issues involved including having two sets of crews on board including flight attendants for a 22-23 hour flight. I know I wouldn’t want my flight attendants awake for a full day serving me hot tea or coffee on a flight let alone let a sleepy flight crew try to land a aircraft. Sounds like trouble to me. Yes they can trade off in the middle but what pilot really sleeps while on duty. Two the weight of all the food carts and supplies needed for say 250 people for 3-4 meals. Also what are you going to do to keep those people entertain for said flight. I know in flight entertainment works but people need to get up and walk around. What about the bathrooms. Are they gonna be able to hold up to that must waste for such a long flight without having to be emptied. And lastly there are weight limitations. What are those gonna be. Oops sorry we booked to many people wanna fly tommorow. Or sorry we have to leave your luggage to get you there???? Lots of unanswered questions lie ahead when they design a aircraft for a 22-24 hr flight.
belzybob -1
Surprised that comments from Qantas get so much attention, they wouldn't order more than a handful of aircraft, hardly enough to warrant creation of a specific variant.
toolguy105 4
Qantas would not be the only Airline fly that route. Still the break even point in sales of new aircraft can be quite high. I don't see enough planes in passenger version being viable. A better chance would be with a freighter version.


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