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Full Body Scanners: What's Next?

Compelling analysis of TSA Administrator John Pistole's policies and statements by Bruce Schneier. Conclusion: The truth is that exactly two things have made air travel safer since 9/11: reinforcing cockpit doors and convincing passengers they need to fight back. The TSA should continue to screen checked luggage. They should start screening airport workers. And then they should return airport security to pre-9/11 levels and let the rest of their budget be used for better purposes.… ( Daha Fazlası...

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Daniel Baker 0
Great article.
cbw 0
Very well written article.
mattdavis 0
Chris Neuhaus 0
I think this article is spot on. Below are my comments previously posted on another topic. They were posted before I had a chance to read the article above:

I think this whole thing of trying to stop terrorists from blowing up airplanes and killing innocent people is just typical western lily liver fear being exploited by the cunning evil people of the world. Think about it, some foolishly believe they can stop murder by banning a particular kind of weapon. So, law abiding folks can't possess that kind of weapon anymore and those that live in fear feel safe. Only problem is the crime rate doesn’t go down.

Now look at how terrorists see it. The deranged killers of the world get off on playing the “let’s do this or let’s do that” and watch how the western chicken $h...ts run in circles to try and stop us”, all while they are laughing their butts off at our futile efforts. We don’t get the fact that this is just a game to them, and they live just to see us trip all over ourselves trying to outsmart them. They will play this game until they all die because this is what they live for.

Look folks, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that there are a million ways they can throw and “stick” in the “spokes” of the western way of life. What they really get a kick out of is playing our governments and the citizens against each other. No bombs needed. And when that gets old, they will just send one of their suicide bombers through the security check point of one of our busiest airports on a holiday, and when they are stopped in the scanner because of something suspicious they will simply press the button and kill five hundred people right there on the ground!! Then what will we do??? Don't worry this won't happen for some time, they are having way too much fun watching us fight over search methods and spending billions on "security".

Believe me they love this game.

dmanuel 0
This was a well considered and written article. I have virtually no concern about threats from passengers on a flight, not because of TSA screening, but because cockpits are secured and passengers know the rules have changed; etc. Based on recent media stories, I am curious if anyone is concerned about external threats? Recent articles (even back to 2003 according to Google search) have detailed some weapon cache seizures, near the U.S./Mexico border, have included RPGs /rocket launchers. These devices apparently require little skill to operate, according to some accounts, have no countermeasures and have an effective range allowing operation exterior to most airport perimeters’.


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