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Boeing didn’t want to re-engine the 737

With nearly 400 Boeing 737 MAXes grounded across the globe, few will remember that Boeing didn’t really want to do the MAX. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Harm ten Napel 2
While all these stories may have some merit by themselves, in the light of the recent disasters the problem isn't with re-engining an existing model to make it more competitive, it is launching a new plane with a short-tracked review process and insufficient pilot training.
patrick baker 1
if the pilots had been trained sufficiently in simulators that showed them pitch-ups and nose-dives, and if they had read the manuals to learn what may happen and how to counter those anomolies, then none of these tragedies would have occured. Pilots are confident due to their training, their experience with type and familiarity with the switches /knobs on the panel that make the bucking bronco tame. There is a mindset here that must be exposed, rooted out and banished from airliners, and Boeing has a lot of 'splaining to do.... That assumes that boeing would be truthful enough to warn about the nose-down possibliity and had written fully about it in the flight manuals and training manuals.
mike ronan 1
There is always the risk of sounding too critical of dead pilots; ......but if the NOSE is headed drastically DOWN or drastically UP ...... just when does a pilot action the Stab Trim Cutout switches? Those switches are placed there for a reason. Do pilots not train for this scenario any more? Is this still a "memory" item on Boeings? ...or has it changed to a checklist item?
Edna Knight 0
It is like buying a car with three wheels and then having the option to purchase the fourth....


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