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TSA Underwear Protest Lady Banned From Flying

That lady is back again, and apparently she wasn't allowed to fly because of "an unusual contour [near her] buttocks area." However, they've decided she's allowed to fly today. ( Daha Fazlası...

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John Cotton 0
Why would they let her board the next day, but not today? Do they think the "unusual contour" in her buttocks area will be gone by then?
In this case it's clear that either the TSA has absolutely NO law enforcement and/or security training whatsoever OR they did it because they can. You mean to tell me that TSA including their "Supervisor" couldn't feel a woman's butt and tell if she had something suspicious there? Please! Anyone with adequate training would be able to do this so the answer is obvious as to why they did it…because they can.

They were made to look like fools previously and now they have the opportunity to get back at her so they're doing so. In the end, concerned with security or not, they are human beings and when they get the chance to serve the dish called revenge cold, they take it.
Tim Kenyon 0
Absolute power corrupts absolutely. SOMEBODY has got to put an end to the TSA Security charade. If the ammo primers (another story, but another instance of the ineffective charade) did not ignite on the tarmac, there could have been a disastrous fire aloft.

I really do want to be safe in the skies....really. Keeping this lady off the plane, yet letting something as volatile as ammo primers thru is NOT keeping us safe.
wdhearrell 0
She can sit with me. I'll keep an eye on her.
Geo Sharp 0
Another example of our governments waste of money
andy streit 0
Well if I was in a wheelchair, I'm going to venture out on a limb and say an unusual contour would be the fecal matter I just did while waiting in the lines at TSA for them to grope me. Nothing like a lil' poop surprise.
joe milazzo 0
These Jack-Wagons' are doing wonders for corporate aviation. TSA, please keep it's job security for me!!!!
gdorlexa 0
Some people just love attention
Matt Comerford 0
lol dennis
Paul Claxon 0
Better watch what you say on here, you might just lose your Pilot's Certificate ! Big Brother is watching.
Matt Comerford 0
I don't talk sh1t about the government, I think my measly vfr ppl is safe. Anywho the same party that created the tsa will be in power in a few days, so I feel very safe now.
sparkie624 0
She is a person after attention and she's got it. I personally think TSA has gone to far, but she is going out of her way to make the news.
dmanuel 0
The article said "Last month security denied her access because they said they found traces of nitrate somewhere on her body." I don't believe all nitrates are bad, aren't they used at golf courses and nurseries to promote plant and lawn growth? Would playing a round of golf get you booted off a flight?


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