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Boeing CEO pummeled on compensation, 737 MAX flaws at U.S. hearing

Boeing Co Chief Executive Dennis Muilenburg was repeatedly hammered by U.S. lawmakers at a hearing on Wednesday over his compensation and key mistakes in development of the 737 MAX that he newly acknowledged. ( More...

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patrick baker 7
boeing has set themselves up richly for all negatvie critiques lobbed at them, based on their incompetence, arrogance and worse, and the compensation for the officers and board memebers is a travesty as well
houseofgold 5
I watched a good portion of both days. My take was that it was a staged event on the part of both the Senate and the House and Boeing. The panel were no more qualified to ask the questions they did or digest the answers given. Some of the panel had a hard time reading their scripted questions. One asked that Dennis as CEO should resign for allowing this to happen on his watch. Let me just add that this is also appropriate for the Committee failing to serve as they were elected and continuing to hang around milking their paychecks as ineffective buffoons. This event was a waste of two days time, and Boeing should get on with making the mods to get the MAX re-certified. (By the way, I am booked in March and intend on taking my MAX flight)
The real issue is the FAA. Why doesn't Congress check into why there are not enough qualified inspectors to oversee the systems design and certification process? Perhaps, Congressional term limits should be on the table.
Because CONGRESS allowed this to happen! And it's not just happening with the FAA! It's the FDA too! They want the meat packers to do their own inspections. It's called 'shrinking government small enough to be drowned in a bathtub', which means corporations are the government.

As long as the tax cuts keep coming, they will continue 'downsizing' government until it doesn't exist anymore.
jmilleratp 2
He tried to save a few cents and lost billions. Sounds like prime CEO material to me.
ADXbear 1
Questions didnt go far enough.. compensation was minimal for the pain caused by Boeing and the FAA..
G Aldridge 0
More anti-Boeing news from MH370..............
Jim Myers 3
I must admit that you are 100% dedicated to your fellating of Boeing at every opportunity.
And of course you are 100% dedicated to watching him do it.
I don't understand the carping about Boeing comments. It's pretty obvious that they really screwed up. It's obvious that some committee in the bowels of Boeing decided to glue those engines onto the aging airframe, to avoid having to re-certify the whole thing from scratch. It's obvious that BEAN COUNTERS cooked up the 'fix' to save money, and violated a cardinal rule of aviation: Providing a 'fix' with no backup, no redundancy, on a new system with the ability to crash the plane! AND add redundancy (possibly) for an EXTRA UPCHARGE!!!

Yeah, Boeing really screwed the pooch and the pooch is dead. They saw competing with Airbus far more important then DO THEIR DAMN JOBS, and providing a safe and capable product!!!

The engineers were shoved aside, and the plane was 'fixed', and released to pilots with really NO DOCUMENTATION on their 'fix'.

I find defending Boeing obnoxious, illogical, and incredibly tone deaf. They negligently released a product that killed over 300 people, knowing of the risks, and ignoring them. Their management layers ignored logic, ignored common sense, ignored decades of engineering knowledge to 'beat Airbus'. The CEO, and anyone with ANY management in the Max development needs to be fired and striped if their pensions and any benefits, AT THE LEAST!

Accountability is missing in this case. Heads need to roll! Probably a whole bunch of heads! Including FAA heads, and politicians who accepted Boeing's cash, and ignored their job of protecting the life, liberty, and happiness of human beings.
ignored logic, ignored common sense...

You would know.


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