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‘Alarming’ testimony from Boeing CEO on 737 Max worries American Airlines flight attendants and pilots

The unions for American Airlines' flight attendants and pilots say they are worried about the safety of the 737 Max after "alarming" testimony from Boeing's CEO before Congress this week. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Is there anything that is not "alarming" these days????
aknorris 3
Of course there is. You mustn't forget all those other things that are "jaw-dropping"!
bbabis 1
One man's alarm is another's yawn.
airlines,pilots and cabin crews nderstand that occasionally,newer aircraft might have some "kinks" to work out..thes uusually are detected fairly quickly and repaired according to airline schedules..they did that with the md 80's a few years back if remember correctly,where a few were taken out of service at a time,and then put back in the lineup...this however is a ttally different matter as its very serious and affects a multitude of aircraft not even flown yet...yes,alarming is an overused word for a lot fof things,but I think the crews have a right to worry about the 737max and its safety ..
Highflyer1950 2
Interesting that all these unions are up in arms over the Max and it’s MCAS issues which can be dealt with but less alarmed over the increasing number of engine failures on twin jets flying over the Atlantic and everywhere else these days? Those of us who have had to cage a powerplant and then stare at the gauges on the operating engine for what seems an eternity know too well the uncertainty of it all?
joel wiley 2
Straining at gnats and swallowing camels?
Jim Myers -1
And how many times has your loss of an engine resulted in an uncontrolled crash? Your "analogy" is pure bullshit!
Brian James 1
I watched the Senate hearing - it was ominous that Boeing said it was taking the same design precautions with the 777x as it did with the Max.

trentenjet 1
What’s going to be really interesting is when the Boeing MAX go back in the service how people approach the situation to Ride on them load factors are going to be affected
linbb 1
And nothing about a faulty AOA sensor delivered to Lion Air by a vendor that was not Boeing? Wow or the Airbust almost departing with ground damage? Another MH fail I see.
linbb 0
Oh just another MH troll post I see.


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