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Boeing 737 Max: new 'troubling communications' sent to regulators

A senior executive says the company has handed over more messages from test pilot who complained about anti-stall system (www.theguardian.com) Daha Fazlası...

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ADXbear 12
Horrible message being sent to us all by paying him anything, let alone up to 58mil in golden parachute..

He has sunk a once grest company and now stockholders are going to reward him!!!.. i think not!

Take that money to pay damages to families snd lost jobs

This is complete bullcrap.
Pat Tolaj 20
Must be real nice to F up at your job, consistently, and still walk away with tens of millions in severance packages, including an $800,000 annual pension.

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Mike Dryden 3
It got down-voted to death, but the sad thing is the one ‘useful’ crumb in the post is right - it is how the corporate world works. Until that changes, the world will continue to see this sort of bs carry on. Joe on the street might get six weeks pay to go quietly, or paid out the rest of the shift, not taken care of for life. The dumb thing is the share price hasn’t tanked. That seems to be the only message that means anything any more. It’s sad...
Dan Drimmie 4
"The embattled US aircraft maker Boeing has reportedly sent US regulators “troubling communications” related to the development of the 737 MAX – on the same day that the CEO, Dennis Muilenburg, was forced to step aside." Sure looks like Muilenburg had been withholding this info until the new boss released it.
Frankly, as soon as it became evident, post crashes, that this problem appeared to relate to the interference of the top brass with the work of test pilots and engineers, he should have either stepped down immediately or have been fired. Given the comments that I've read below, he should have been fired without the golden parachute etc.
Chris B 4
And when the Max starts flying again.....it wont feel like a victory.

More like the sad last lap of a veteran athlete whose best days are long gone.
To me , it is so very sad , that Boeing knew it was producing a nightmare of a plane . Yet they deceived the World of how dangerous this aircraft was . I don't feel that we , collectively , will ever know the truth . But after reading this article and others , i believe that Boeing should be deeply punished for their deliberate behavior . The 400 ode Max's made and stored by Boeing and all Max's held by Airlines , should be ordered to the Breakers Yard ,for final disposal . As for Boeing it's self ; it may meet financial Ruin ,and desperately need Gov't Bail-out , just like those long forgotten Auto bail-outs . My disgust about their behaviour has no limits . I could go on , but won't , but to say that the Boeing Brand is damaged badly ........DGR
matt jensen 5
Maybe he was really fired for moving the company headquarters from the safe environment of Everett in Washington State which has no income tax to the wild frontier of Chicago with it's enormous income taxes and fees. I'm still scratching my head over that one.


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