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Europe’s busiest airport hit by 2nd day of disruptions

LONDON: Europe’s busiest airport suffered the knock-on effects today of technical issues that disrupted travel over the weekend. About 60 arrivals at Heathrow Airport were disrupted, reflecting almost 10% of the total number. Those troubles come a day after some 130 flights airlines were canceled. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Talk about a useless story? No information other then to say disruptions.
A good article will include the details of what caused the delays, why, and what was the remedy.Go back and rewrite the article or leave it out until you have all the information.
Eve Olson 2
England is part of the continent of Europe, just not on the main continent.
No technical issues were mentioned in the UK press. Are you not sure that the delays were caused by diversions and go-arounds due to gale force winds from the second Storm to hit the whole UK that weekend?
houseofgold 0
Should this not read “UK’s busiest airport” after Brexit 🤭🤩
Cactus732 5
Europe and the European Union are not the same thing.
Greg S 2
Do you think the UK rowed their island to another location after Brexit? Perhaps to the Caribbean due to the nice weather? The UK is in Europe whether they're a member of that disaster called the EU or not.
Les Ede -1
Boeing has become so arrogant its unreal. The tanker they cried about not getting their bid than cry until the AF gave it them as opposed to Airbus. AFA's magazine this month reports the c - 46 tanker is not ready to fly. Their poor quality work was found to have trash and fuel boom problems. They should have taken the Airbus bid. It would have been built in the U.S. cry baby boeing. How many more people are you going to cause to die.. SHAME ON YOU... like you care
strickerje 2
Um... what? What's this have to do with delays in London?
Les Ede 2
it seems in my old age I missed the page... The thought however still remains... apologies for my crash....
strickerje 1
Ah, understandable then :)


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