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Boeing Plans On Resuming Commercial Aircraft Production in Puget Sound Next Week

Boeing plans on resuming commercial airplanes production in a phased manner at the Puget Sound facilities next week. This comes after Boeing suspending operations last month. The company has taken extra precautions to keep people safe and fight the spread of COVID-19. The suspension affected approximately 27,000 people at Puget Sound. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Chris B 4
I wouldn't rush to restart the 737 line until I was sure that every single already built max actually had an airline to go to.......
Flightag News 1
I agree with you. They need to spend whatever time it takes and fix all the issues. Then we will see the orders coming in.
Robert Cowling 2
I feel sorry for the workers, having to go back there with the dagger of COVID hanging over their heads. Boeing, like many industrial companies, has had a lot of complaints from workers about proper protective gear, and sure that is also possibly people whining about having to work, but now is not the time to skimp on PPE and flood plants with tons of people. Not in less you are going to test every employee before they come in the gates, which would be FANTASTIC, but the feds have so dropped the ball on testing, it's just got disaster in big red letters written all over it.

And build more 737's? I think they are going to have to look at refurbing some they already have and maybe down grade them to non-MAX units to be able to sell them easier.
Peter Fuller 1
Every plane they’ll build, and every stored undelivered 737 MAX, already has been ordered by a customer. They’re not going to build unsold “white tails” just to keep workers busy and to have ready-to-go inventory to sell.


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