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American Airlines Mechanic Charged Following Cocaine Find

An American Airlines mechanic at JFK airport was arraigned in court on Monday ( Daha Fazlası...

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sparkie624 4
Bad news... I hate this kind of article, but that there are people doing this kind of thing in our industry and it gives a false reflection on all of us.... I am glad he got fired and charges against him... No respect for this person, and I hope the courts and the FAA are very hard on him!
this is nothing new..this sort of thing is the stuff movies are made of,and it does happen..also things being stolen from luggage..employees are supposed to be screened and checked for all kind of things,and they are given personal random drug checks,but the airlines cannot control all illegal or bad or unethical behavior if they hire someone..too bad...
jim sisti 2
Has anyone else wondered about just how much contraband has ended up in Victorville, or Mohave, or any of the other graveyards? I would bet the guys tearing the old planes apart have found some amazing items over the years, but will really uncover some lost stashes thanks to the sudden pull down of fleets due to the pandemic
sparkie624 2
That is an answer we will probably never find.
Not really worth wasting one's career over
sparkie624 1
Exactly.... I used to work with a Maintenance Controller who attended a Pot Party... Even though he said he did not participate, next day he got a Random Test and tested positive... He not only lost his job, his Mechanics License, and his entire carrier, plus got a Criminal Record to boot. Will never be able to work in the industry ever again... It is amazing how many people have lost everything because of their lack of judgement, and then it is someone else's fault! No respect or Understanding for these actions. When someone gets busted for drugs in our industry, I know that is one more that might save another flight and life!
James Simms -5
“Snort!,”. Oh, wait, let me wipe my nose......


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