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Delta Flight Diverted To JFK Airport After Nose Caved In Due To Hail

Delta Air Lines flight 1076 from Palm Beach International landed safely at JFK at 6:55 p.m. Monday evening after reporting a problem with navigation equipment, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. There were 43 passengers on board. ( Daha Fazlası...

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This was a rather remarkable incident that seems to happen about once a year or so I hear are a radome getting bashed in by hail or a bird.

El Kabong 3
Interesting that the windshield wasn't destroyed as is often happens in heavy hail situations.
Relics 1

ATC with DAL1076.

We had some bad weather the past couple of days in FL.
sharon bias 1
Luckily there are about a thousand other aircraft that can step in as a replacement. Going to have to due a cost/benefit review to see if this should be repaired or put out to pasture.
Seems to me that replacing the nose cone / radome would be relatively cheap, though more expensIve if the radar and electronics behind it are toast, and/or if windscreens and other things were damaged. Either way, I can’t see how it’s enough damage to write-off the airplane
John D 2
Something similar happened to an American jet over western Tx about 2 years ago. Cone all bashed in as well the windshield. Pilots had to switch to to exclusive instruments (couldn't see anything)
I seem to recall the jet was back in service after being getting a new nose and windshield.
jptq63 2
Agree on it not seemingly an airplane write off damage (what I could see / read in article), unfortunately, business environment may say what economically makes best business sense. I am beginning to wonder when aircraft prices (thinking more typical passenger types) will drop so low that that Trade-A-Plane will have several pages listing each type; Sad thinking of business environment....


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