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Boeing grounds 8 Dreamliners due to manufacturing defect.

Boeing has discovered two "distinct manufacturing issues" for the 787 Dreamliner and has told carriers operating eight of the affected planes, including Singapore Airlines, United and Air Canada, to remove them so they can be serviced. The defects were found in the join of fuselage sections toward the rear of the aircraft, and the FAA has been alerted................. ( More...

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chalet 7
Boeing fixation with getting planes into production after not fully checking structural design and airworthiness is going to cost it several BILLION dollars. A lot of heads should roll but so far only a few escape goats from the production floor where thrown out, and only one of the higher up hierarchy.
Larry Toler 5
It seems someone was doing their job and caught a flaw before all hell broke loose. I'm no A&P guy but I remember C5's and 141's being grounded for wing spar cracks and Lockheed fixed the problems. It's not a quick and easy fix but at least it was caught.
Kevin Keswick 4
This could be a big disaster for Boeing. It's lot easier to solve software problems on the 737 Max then solve inherent structural problems on the composite fuselages of the hundreds of 787's already delivered and on order. What would be the solution to such a problem? Saw off the aft fuselage? And replace it with what? This must be giving Boeing Exec's nightmares right now.
Peter Fuller 6
There’s a more detailed article on that describes this problem as a manufacturing issue, not an inherent structural design problem. Looks to be an expensive fix: a bad dream if the 8 grounded frames are the full extent of the problem, a nightmare if the problem is widespread in the 787 fleet.
Software can't fix that...
patrick baker 3
where were these 787's built and when were they built? that might help frame the article just a bit better
Kevin Keswick 5
The problem is in the tail section which is produced in SC. Regardless of where the final assembly took place the problem points back to the SC facility
I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that the SC facility is non-union?
ko25701 2
As if Seattle union workers have never had a defect on any aircraft ???
Lois Lettini 1
I mentioned this last week regarding Boeing moving its headquarters there. BIG mistake for Boeing!!
Others I am sure have more knowledge than I do regarding this, BUT my experience in non union workplaces is that workers have no recourse but to do "as they are told and keep quiet about any problems."
patrick baker 8
kindly stop giving us articles from Bloomberg, as well written as they are,because we are asked to pay for the content.
alan curtis 1
Firefox + Temporary Containers and you never really run out of your "free articles" per month on most sites...
Ric Wernicke -1
Man up, and hop over that paywall.
Bernie20910 6
There are some of us who prefer not to give them a dime.
I'm still surprised that this company is still alive...
matt jensen 1
On new jets or ones in service for years?
hwh888 1
There have been reports out of the SC plant of drug use and protection by management. They have no drug testing “at any time” to find the bad apples. Its a “good old boy” mentality if your friends with your supervisor. Is this workmanship due to drugs in your system? Who knows but I won’t fly on a 787.
Lois Lettini 1
I agree regarding the 787. Companies are willing to sell their souls in order to make more money, apparently -- UNTIL they get caught.
Stefan Sobol 1
Early 787s had problems with the aft fuselage. Repairs had to be made and some of the work took places outside of the Everett plant. I was at a MRO on Paine field about this time and they were bringing in 787s for the work. The part of the hanger were the 787s were being repaired was walled off from the rest and tarps were put over the aft section of the plane. Photos of the 787s in the hanger were forbidden. From what I could tell, repairs were being done inside the aircraft rather than to the outside.
I have a friend that works for a place that builds parts for Boeing. ......knowing some of the test that they do and still Boeing says it's good ....ship it! I love to fly but not on Boeing Aircraft! They went to money over safety and I now know that for a fact!
ADXbear 1
And hits just keep on coming..
Scott Campbell -3
Well its a long way to go if you wanna rock and roll with Airbus only 30 billion to develop the A380 amd not one is flying today. It seems the paper engineers of the original 47 had the right stuff even the modernized 47-8 is better equipped to fly for another 25 years. PX or Cargo
jthyland 0
Yes, they will save loads of money with the non-union Jethro's. They're only a couple of bolt holes off. Close enough. Hunting season next month.
Robert Cowling -5
So, building in South Carolina sucks so much, 'Let's move all of our manufacturing there!'. Great idea...
ko25701 2
Sure, because union workers never make a mistake? It could be a design flaw not caused by assembly.


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