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United Temporarily Grounds 757 Fleet

United Airlines said it is in the process of temporarily grounding its 96 Boeing 757 jetliners Tuesday and into Wednesday so it can perform checks on earlier modifications it did to the air-data computers on those planes. The unit of United Continental Airlines Inc. discovered it hadn't properly complied with steps required by the Federal Aviation Administration in checking the work on those computers, which take air speed, air pressure and other parameters in flight and input them into the… ( Daha Fazlası...

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Wendell Smith 0
It didn't take long for United to drag Continental into the mud. Get your checkbook out UA.
TTail 0
wow, get ready for higher ticket prices from UA to make up for the screw up that could cost them.
Brad Littlejohn 0
Umm.... Don't know if you stopped at the summary or read the actual article. COA's B757s (both -200 and -300 series) are NOT affected by this.
Watch Dog 0
People, don't believe ANYTHING media tells you in regards to aviation. Everyone please keep in mind that these aircraft are safe. Here is the AD if you wish to read it yourself. Note that the FAA allowed the operators of 757s to postpone the final date the AD had to be complied with, so long as the interim fix, a previously issued Service Bulletin, was complied with.

If you wish to read the AD yourself, you may do so here:$FILE/041005.pdf

Now I will quote directly from the AD:
"Several commenters request that the compliance time for modification that is specified in the proposed AD be extended from 24 months to compliance times that range between 42 to 72 months. The commenters cite significant out-of-service costs and logistical impact associated with a 24-month
compliance time requirement. Some commenters suggest that there are FAA-approved service instructions (i.e., Boeing Special Attention Service Bulletin 747-31-2313, Revision 1, dated September 26, 2002; Boeing Special Attention Service Bulletin 757-31-0068, Revision 1, dated August 29, 2002; and Boeing Special Attention Service Bulletin 767-31-0149, Revision 1, dated November 7, 2002) that could be incorporated to allow flightcrews to silence aural overspeed warnings as an interim action. They propose that the FAA add an option to accomplish the interim action within 12 or 18 months and then accomplish the modification within 60 or 72 months after the effective date of the AD.

The FAA agrees with the commenters that operators could experience significant out-of-service cost and logistical impacts associated with a 24-month compliance time. We also agree that an optional interim action be added to allow flightcrews to silence aural overspeed warnings as specified
in the Boeing special attention service bulletins described earlier. We find that, if the optional interim action is accomplished within 18 months, the required modification can be accomplished within 72 months after the effective date of this final rule and will maintain an acceptable level of safety without an additional burden to the operators. Therefore, we have added an option so that operators may accomplish the required modification in one of two ways:

1. Accomplish the required modification as originally proposed within 24 months after the effective date of the final rule; or

2. Accomplish the interim action specified in the applicable Boeing special attention service bulletin within 18 months after the effective date of the final rule and accomplish the required modification specified in the applicable Boeing service bulletin within 72 months after the effective date of the final rule. The following table lists the applicable service bulletins for the interim measure and required modification."

Watch Dog 0
I will say this. All of these aircraft had the interim service bulletin performed, while the final modification was not done. They had until Tuesday, June 22, 2010 to implement the final modification, which when you read the AD, the whole reason for the mod is to allow the ability to use a switch, to isolate an ADC source, and prevent false overspeed and/or stall aural warnings. This is more of an annoyance than a safety concern for these flight crews. So anyway, they're almost 8 months overdue on something the FAA gave them upwards 72 months to comply with in the first place. Sounds like a real safety concern to me. (roll eyes)
Wendell Smith 0
@Brad. It does not matter if COA planes are affected or not. Continental is forever linked to the United name and will draw bad pr from United's oversite. And yes I read the freaking article.
Matt Comerford 0
this is what happens when the federal government tells plane owners what to do!
Dave RIchards 0
Was on a CO 757 last night -it was full and no Nervous Nellies bailing out or mass hysteria of negative publicity. AA and WN had recent groundings due to FAA directves far wider reaching than this, and the public doesn't even remember or care. Their planes are full, too. Yawn.
Dave RIchards 0
Appears that the fix takes about 2 hours once MX gets to the plane. Far less disruptive than the recent winter storms and mostly just delays and few outright cancellations. Media reports of "groundings" are really a bit hysterical. Again....Yawn.
Tom Little 0
Another example where we need to bring the jobs back to the USA.
mark tufts 0
besides higher ticket prices at united brace yourselves for higher baggage fees from united
miket71692 0
This is another aviation-related example of a story that requires some responsibility on the part of media to explain properly to the public.

This has happened to other airlines. Keeping track of the endless maintenance requirements of a huge fleet of jets is a very complex job. Once the federal government gets involved (FAA) it is much worse. Its just the system we have. I agree... yawn
crk112 0
I agree with Watch Dog.. the media is CLUELESS when it comes to aviation (or just about anything for that matter).. and unfortunately as a result they blow everything out of proportion and scare the hell out of the general public. THAT is why everyone is so afraid of aviation.
John OKeefe 0
@Tom - exactly how will bringing jobs back to the US help this issue?


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