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Flight Attendant Union Calls On Airlines To Combine No-Fly Lists

The AFA-CWA is asking airlines to share their no-fly lists with each other, as a matter of security ( Daha Fazlası...

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david fairchild 19
That is a 'no-brainer'. I had assumed that it was already industry wide.
bobinson66 5
Casinos in Vegas share security info in the case of known card counters (card counting is legal), violent drunks and gaming cheaters (illegal). It's called the right to refuse business.
mariofer 4
Me too!
patrick baker 8
no arguements, no worms in any can, can occur if no-fly lists are shared and acted upon. The federal government accumulates the list. Is there an obligation for an airline to forward to the feds each and every miscreant any airline cites as disruptive, a non-flier on a particular airline? To inject some fairnesss into this, maybe the list ought to have a sunset provision connected to a hearing.
the federal "no fly" list was started as a way to screen possible terrorist threats to an aiplane,or to catch someone who may be on an fbi list..the airlines "no fly" lists are persons who have been disruptive on a flight,caused a fight or other such,and if they interfere with a crew member on that airline,they can be banned,but possibly fly on another carrier as they are not terrorists,but just people who are nasty or rude...
Sojo Hendrix 3
“While the airlines cannot coordinate on competitive issues, they certainly can coordinate on safety issues,” Nelson said. Well, yes please!
I didn't even have to read the article. Absolutely!! These imbeciles are a danger to the traveling public. I'm fed up with people who think they can just loose their minds and have no consequences. But I agree there needs to be an appeals process.
ADXbear 1
I thought the main list was kept by HLS. not each airline.. sure they have people
Silent Bob 6
The actual "no-fly list" is a federal program maintained by the gov. No one on that list can fly on any airline.

Individual airlines can deny transport to people they deem "disruptive", and so far they haven't been sharing those denied with other airlines. There are arguments on both sides and it certainly opens up a can of worms.
WhiteKnight77 1
Would this apply to any rioter/terrorist anywhere across the US or just to a certain sub-set of Americans? If just one, then no, such should not be shared. Should more states pass anti-mask laws as well? While right now, there is a need medically for masks, we know full well that there are those who use masks to avoid criminal prosecution. Ask yourself why those who prefer anonymity do not protest in other states. When they have tried, they were forced to remove their masks. Let everyone and anyone who wants to riot show their face so they can be denied boarding of all airlines if that is the route people want to take.
Welcome to 1938 Nazi Germany.
mariofer 4
Well, sharing no flight list would prevent the situation you commented back in July where Spirit Airlines Employees got attacked over a delayed flight, wouldn't it? Some people can only afford $49.00 flights but the have the right to feel safe.

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John D 4
Why's that?

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Jim Mitchell 5
You're from the moon aren't you? Less than 200! Watch TV once in awhile. I could count .over 500 actually storming the building with a couple of thousand egging them on
Ira High 0
The brainwashing never stop...
mikeenderle -6
Totally agree. We're going to get a shit ton of downvotes because of how liberal flightaware is but just had to say that you're not alone.

I'm hoping to enjoy another year or two of flying before I'm on a no fly list for having dangerous ideals but I may not even get to fly again. Sad and injust.
Jim Mitchell 3
You can always fly your Cessna
mikeenderle -1

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Ken Lane -6
I get downvoted but not one person tries to challenge my statement.

Or, is you hate me because I despise the union that put Eastern Airlines out of business?

Ken Lane 0
Wow, either a ton of trolls or there are a bunch of people who love unions.

I'm betting on the former.
Being a flight attendant is a lot like being a teacher. I dare anyone to do either job and not want to kill someone at the end of the day. Have some compassion please. LOL
Ken Lane 0
I do.

But, masks do not work. The Danish study proved this.

And, UAL published on their own Instagram page that the airline cabin is the safest environment possible making transmission virtually impossible. And, you should know that about the cabin you work in. Certainly, your pilots should know about the pressurization system with airflow recycle rate and constant introduction of new air. It's safer than any commercial building's system, including hospitals using high-end HEPA filters.


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