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Delta Air Lines to stop blocking middle seats starting May 1

Delta Air Lines (DAL), the last remaining US airline to keep middle seats unbooked, has lifted that prohibition as of May 1, the company announced Wednesday. It is another sign of a rebound in demand for air travel and greater willingness of people to resume pre-pandemic activities. ( More...

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ADXbear 2
Just buy the center seat.. at SWA, you can and it will be refunded at the end of round trip..
Glenn Blum 1
Back in November 2020 American Airlines did not block the center seats on the A319 I flew from DFW to PIT. The only time I saw open seating what on Envoy Flight from KGRK to DFW.
Steven Bell 0
Delta’s CEO is an idiot! He needs to stay with running the airline not criticizing Georgia’s new voting laws and kissing Joe’s ass!
matt jensen -2
I guess your safety is outweighed by their need for revenue
Don’t fly then.
No revenue, no flights.
Steven Bell 1
I guess you are willing to keep giving them BILLIONS in stimulus money? Add that to the 60 MILLION a week that Joe is spending per week on the border kids.
How much longer do the airlines and the taxpayers need to subsidies your paranoia?


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