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U.S. ‘Vaccine Passports’ In The Works

With many different states and organizations working on their own form of ‘vaccine passports’, the U.S. government is currently developing a system to try to standardize the handling of this information. ( More...

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A few sensible comments interspersed with a greatest display of ignorance.
This is an aviation forum, not a vehicle to spout nonsense. Knock it off!
dnorthern 1
OK. Appreciate your acting fatherly.

The article itself was on the site so fair game

So, don’t be arrogant and demanding
Hmmm, I always find it difficult to engage in a battle of wits with someone who comes to the fray unarmed. The article is about documentation that may be required for various activities including riding in commercial aircraft. The documentation is not required, nor is vaccination against Covid, but the lack thereof may preclude the non-participant from using the various services.
dnorthern -1
Yes you are unarmed and without intelligence.

I find it difficult to deal with abject and arrogant dolts as yourself who should be precluded from participating in society.

Undoubtedly, you are a pleasure to be around.
Why reinvent the wheel. There is already a system in place. The immunization card issued by the US Public health service. The yellow card is used and accepted for proof immunization.
trentenjet 3
The fake pandemic vaccines that can kill you what’s next spade and neuter.
Flora Brands 3
More communist rhetoric on compliance to a government God.
royalbfh 3
I am truly amazed at the number of Americans that are completely willing to allow this type of control and invasion of privacy! As I said in the other post where does this end? AIDS? STDs? Felony arrests? A business owner would like to know if a person entering his shop has a propensity of robbery! How about a passport from a ex girlfriend that keyed her former boyfriends car or texted him 100 times a day? A new prospect would want that info!
Hmmm, did any of you attend public school, college or dare I say joined the military? Because in each one of those instances you HAD to show PROOF of vaccination. So are you saying the communist threat was happening all this time??
dnorthern 1
Totally different.

You are comparing apples to race cars. And it is complete stupidity to make those comparisons.

What you fail to realize is the vac passport is about control. One does not have to prove any vaccination to board a plane to fly domestically (historically and now) One does not have to prove vaccination (or absence of a communicable disease for that matter) to attend a concert, sporting event, theater a public park...the list goes on Covid should not change that. We should not be required to ‘prove’ compliance to participate in society.

The problem is, there are a number of weak/feeble minded supplicants who are more than willing to give up freedom for a VERY small measure of security. People harboring your thought process gave rise to 1930s Germany, today’s Venezuela and any number of countries and regimes where human rights are but a distant memory.

The train boards over there. Enjoy the ride

I am amazed if you are a pilot if you follow the directions from ATC or just decide "hey, those are not apples, those instructions are race cars." What the hell logic is that??

This is an aviation forum keep it that way and spew this BS on FB 4/8 Chan or whatever gets you off.

Your clearance has been cancelled, squawk VFR
bentwing60 3
Your opening diatribe had nary a word about Aviation! Please remain on topic, or comment on the CNN site!
My Bad...recognized my mistake and made that correction. Satisfied??
dnorthern 1
Good grief. You shouldn’t be piloting an airplane. Much less a motor vehicle
Take stock of your own advice and know this an aviation forum. Your other comments on this thread show an utter lack of knowledge & idiocy. I wish you well in your flight training and hope you mature in due time.
dnorthern 1
Continue by doubling down.

You sir are a hypocrite
Take your non-aviation comments as I said to FB, Instagram 4/8 Chan or whatever gets you off on spewing BS. Not here.

Good Day...
JW Wilson 2
"Passports" for travel between states would be next. Then, needing approval on where you want to move, how many kids you want, etc. If you want to take the non-FDA-approved vaccine I support you. I do not.
scott moore 0
The 4th Reich is hard at it! No more star of david sown on to your clothes, now it's a "special" passport so the sheeple will fee safe for work,sporting events and travel. All hail the new world order!
dnorthern -6
Utter BS. And over reach

Taking a page from 1930s Germany and from current China
Glenn Blum 1
I agree.
dnorthern 0
Sheep will downvote. And like the lot of weaklings they are, will not comment.

The train is over there. It will take you to the safe place you unquestioningly desire. Enjoy


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