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How some people can end up living at airports for months -- even years -- at a time

After more than two decades studying the history of airports, I've come across stories about individuals who have managed to take up residence in terminals for weeks, months and sometimes years. ( Daha Fazlası...

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there was a movie a few years back starring tom hanks,called "the terminal" was exactly the same premise..a man stuck at the airport ,no place to go,no money,and on and on..sleeping in chairs,washing up in the restroom, who actually received help from various employees at the airport with food and the of course had a happy ending...
Everybody likes a happy ending !
Apparently based (very loosely, or not at all - depends which reference you read) on the events around Mehran Karimi Nasseri, who did this between 1988 and 2006 while he waited to obtain a visa for onward travel.
I thought this was going to be something cool like living in you hangar with your planes
Who in their right frame of mind would want to do this?
srobak 8
that question answers itself :)
The type of people that tend to live in mom's basement into their late 30's perhaps.
George Pepe 1
This actually sounds like fun. Living at the airport
john doe 1
"In January, local authorities arrested a 36-year-old man..."

On what charge, I wonder?
D4D77 3
Vagrancy? (Is it still something people get charged with?)
Being on the secure-side without appropriate identification or clearance?
Failure to leave a premises when asked?

Good question.
Em Fairley 2
He was done for trespassing in restricted areas of the airport
I could see living at a Target store.
dondtus 3
Or an IKEA store
Mike Cates 16
Or a Lowe’s. You would never get caught because there is never any employees around... lol
Robert Mack 1
(Good one)!!! LOL


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