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Boeing 737-10, the largest member of the MAX family is ready for maiden flight

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — Boeing is gearing up for the maiden flight of the largest member of its 737 MAX family today, a person familiar with the matter said, as the planemaker tries to close the aircraft's sales gap with its Airbus counterpart. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Here's wishing Boeing a successful first flight.

Do prototypes still leave their landing gear down throughout the first flight?

Good luck Seattle.
Should've kept the 757 line going at this point...
757 does make it across the atlantic, as United, Delta and others demonstrate daily. But the market demands fuel consumption improvements, and BOeing has passed on that task. Reality is distasteful from time to time... Love the look of this aircraft as it reaches take off, then climbs so easily...
ccs46 2
Gotta admit the climb rate on it is insane. Takes off like a rocket. Good luck to Boeing, they need a win badly.
I don’t understand the thinking. I’ve flown Delta 757 non stop from NY to Zurich numerous times. It’s not fast and it’s not spacious, but it does the job. Is there enough of a market for a plane that only can fly in Europe, in the US and in Asia but not fly across the water? My question is what Airbus plane will this compete with and provide superior performance?
thats what i call an aircarft on supper seteroids
patrick baker -3
so, boeing is counting on Ryanair to buy lots and lots of these. WOW.. Ryanair is nobody's savior, so best work out plan b or c or plan d.
patrick baker -7
so what. If this can't better compete against the bully on the block: Airbus 321 LR and XLR, what is the point, exactly?
I don't want to be a party pooper, so, congrats to boeing for their new vison of something that will almost make it across the atlantic from cities near you. Please don your flotation device at this time.
great beer can horrible choice by Boeing the 900 is bad enough as it is


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