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US Supreme Court Rejects Bid To Drop Airline Mask Mandate

The United States Supreme Court has dismissed an application to void face mask-wearing rules on public transport, including airlines. ( More...

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David Tsai 6
If you're going to take something to court, don't wait until the last minute. It's not like Mr. Wall didn't know that he would be flying to Germany ahead of time.
Marty Martino 6
He does realize the Germany has mask requirements for travelers, right?

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Marty Martino 3
With respect, the mask I was referring to are the N95 masks I’ve been wearing since my two Moderna needle sticks.

Yes, I did check whether Germany has mask requirements on aircraft. My impression is that they do require masks and, while they don’t appear to be requiring a two week quarantine period, it appears they do require masks on transport.

Your last line, I do agree with you. But I assure you, that is not me. The Nazis don’t have much use for darker skin folks.
Not any of the airlines he has named fly to Germany.....the country that is......maybe he is going to Berlin CA!
Roy Hunte 2
Further down the article it refers to Delta, which I gather he would be flying on to Germany.
EMK69 1
Enjoy the boat trip.
Paul F Harris 0
Put him on a row boat with one oar
I do not understand why the government trying to keep you alive is so dangerous, and so many people want to believe the lies from the GOP about saving their lives.
Matt Reardon -5
There is NO data that shows other that very limited circumstances that show that masks are necessary or even effective anywhere within planes, airports or for that matter public transportation in general. Believe it or not masks are not even effective in preventing infections during procedures its just that the public expects it. Studies have proven that it makes NO difference. Most people don't want to believe it because they cannot understand or accept the complexities of medicine versus the simplistic concept of a mask. That why the medical profession is so fanatical about studies is b/c repeatedly we have been fooled by the obvious good choice being not only wrong but harmful. These viruses are spread almost always by overtly sick people who are very obvious , they are spread as the data clearly shows within families, closely interactive friends and coworkers also overtly sick, NOT via casual noninteractional passage. The fact that occasionally it may does not make it generally true. The vast majority do not need masks just as the vast majority do not need and will get zero benefit from the vaccine. Both are basically government lies. As for the Judiciary its preposterous to suggest they are independent judges, the Judiciary is part and parcel of this massively powerful government, it is effectivey part of the Executive Branch as is the the public educational system with its ridiculous campaigns of self-serving propaganda. Would you ever realistically expect these entities to subvert a deep commitment to highly flawed policies regarding a virus that was vastly overstated and very destructive unnecessary policies by a pack of incompetent CYA burocratic nincompoops? A snowball's chance in HELL!

Well said, Matt. Hit the mail in the head.
Glad to see someone who is awake as opposed to being “woke”!!!
Aubie Pearman -6
The libtards of the world cant help wasting authority on forcing others into a ridiculous and ineffective mandate.
JJ Johnson -5
Amen brother. We all know it's BS. Except the Marxist DemoRAT control freaks
Hear, hear!!!
JJ Johnson -5
Only DemoRAT (Hypocrites) law makers can fill a plane without mask. If DemoRATS didn't have double standards they would have no standards at all

Masks are nothing but Marxist control freak nonsense. Time to end the madness.
That’s 100% bang on the money that statement.
Another fellow citizen who is awake as opposed to being “woke”!


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