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You Can Have This Vintage Douglas DC3 Instead of a Private Jet

A fair few aviation enthusiasts claim that the golden age of flight was not in the modern-day, but rather almost 70 years ago. Only after taking a look at a vintage Douglas DC3 airliner in the flesh does this notion start to make sense in earnest. Luckily for us, one of these blasts from the past is for sale, just as ready to fly as it was when it left the factory many decades ago. ( Daha Fazlası...

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James Simms 5
I’d take if I could
sparkie624 1
LOL.. Same here!
Nice. And $795k sounds like a steal if it's in as good a condition as indicated.
jmilleratp 1
Kick the tires first. :-)
sparkie624 2
I know this is an Add, but it was just to pretty not to share.... I love looking at this old history... How many of today's modern birds will be on display like this...
ThinkingGuy 2
I got to fly on a restored DC-3 (N28AA) in 2009. I was surprised how the similar the cabin interior "felt" to that of a modern airliner. It even had the little twist-to-adjust air vents over the seats. Still wouldn't want to fly cross-country on one, though.
I think this is the DC-3 that Rob Randazzo of PMDG had. He ans others flew it to Europe for the 75 anniversary of DDay in 2019. They filmed the trip and the videos are available on Youtube. Worth a watch.
Cleffer 1
The upkeep on this thing has to be horrendous.
Compared to our families Citation X....yesh, I bet..... :-)
emkostiuk 1
5,000 plus hours in a C-117D for the Corps. I would take one in a minute.
John Danish 1
Nice, would love to have it, however the fuel and maintenance would be a killer.....and then there is the type rating. The escalating costs of my single engine retractable are bad enough
bbabis 1
Too many years ago I flew for a company that replaced a corporate DC-3 with an early Falcon 20. I came onboard afterwards and never flew the DC-3 but flew many passengers that remembered it and remarked how they missed it and preferred to fly on it.

This one looks fantastic and I could try to get Martha Lunken to help crew it but I have no place to keep it.


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