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Now Arriving: 300 Airplane Enthusiasts at an In-N-Out Burger Near LAX

...aviation geeks from around the country flocked to a strip of trampled grass outside the In-N-Out Burger near Los Angeles International Airport. Some 300 showed up for this year’s Cranky Dorkfest, according to Brett Snyder, the author of the Cranky Flier blog and the event’s organizer. ( Daha Fazlası...

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John Klos 29
I hate stories behind a paywall
Also agree. I'd just as soon they not post the article.
Me too!
rmbkchi 5
Totally agree.
Umm...why would you want to read anything published by WSJ anyway?
I just had to sign in using my Facebook account and "create a limited account" all for free. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Nothing is free...they now have more of your personal info and data about you to sell to other entities to market and sell you more stuff based on your avatar profile.
ADXbear 11
Why can't Orlando (MCO ) put in a designated photographer area? There spending a billion on a south complex, and the only permitted photo areas are top of hotel more than 4000' from the closet runway, one must get registered and a pass from the GOAA.
IN A CITY OF THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH it sure forgets about the awesome free viewing airports provide, the thoughts of new careers are in many cases inspired in children while looking through Fences.

Come on Orlando, join the rest of the great airports that have close in monitored public viewing areas...

And yes I realize at LAX this is at a burger hangout.. do that here.. lots of room all over..
To be fair, the only reason why there is a In-N-Out that close to the runway is because LAX has no room to expand further, it is surrounded on all sides by development or the Pacific Ocean.

But that doesn't negate the idea of having suitable observation/photography areas as you suggested. Providing such an area is a drop in the bucket of airport development budgets and would surely be appreciated by a significant number of families with young children and aviation geeks.
Doug Zalud 3
Ever since 9/11, plane spotting has been hazardous at CLE. The police eventually come out and chase you away from the quality shooting spots. The only place that they leave you alone is the old 100th Bomb Group parking lot. But the runways face the sun, so it's only good in the afternoon. And now that it's been sold, who knows how long we'll have access.

Face it,it's definitely not like the old days when the whole family would come out and have a picnic and watch airplanes.
My sentiments exactly. would rather not even see the tickler here.
I already subscribed to FlightAware to read the article and then I'm re-directed to subscribe to WSJ to read the article??? Not acceptable!
My son, an aviation journalist/photographer, is in that photo.
Just in front of the guy with the backpack in the lower left.
I agree with the other posters: stop posting stories that we cannot read without signing up with the media source. Please don't waste my time!
D Kaufman 1
Patrick Giffen is right. Nothing is free. Here's a similar and probably better story about how and why these enthusiasts gather at LAX every year.
Russ Brown 1
I love my backyard two miles NW in line with IAD 12/30.
I saw this while ubering to LAX for a flight. While some plane spotters are normal, this was definitely a mob. Thought maybe the Queen or Pope was coming in.
That location was a must stop for me on every layover near LAX when I was working. Great location!
I hate these articles where they require you subscribe JUST TO BE ABLE TO VIEW.
dsjjw 1
Sooo, I have to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal to read the rest of the story? Not good.
What a bunch of sour grapes you all are tossing about. My wife's family has a beach house in Balboa and yearly my eif, the kids and I head there for a 10 day vacation. That In-n-out at LAX is a must stop. We get our food and then head over to the park for a picnic and watch the planes land. Generally the breeze is warm and the whole family enjoys the experience.


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