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Woman who knocked out flight attendant's teeth pleads guilty

Vyvianna M. Quinonez (28) pleaded guilty to a felony charge of interfering with a flight crew member on a Southwest flight from Sacramento to San Diego on May 23rd. San Diego's KGTV reports that prosecutors will recommend a sentence of four months in federal prison and six months in home confinement. ( Daha Fazlası...

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patrick baker 17
this was an unmitigated criminal assault resulting in injury and loss of teeth, loss of work and pay, and a menace to aviation safety. Why such an insignificant sentence? THis does not send any message of penalty fitting the crime. A lifetime ban on airline travel is not excessive. Less than a year out of circulation is a travesty.
jeff slack 2
Could you be more 'right'; I don't think so.
She should be strapped to the underside of a wing as part of the sentence.
Marty Martino 11
Only a 3 year ban from flying. That feels low. She needs to count her blessings if she’s ever allowed back on an aircraft.
She won’t be flying on Southwest again, however. They took the sensible step of banning her for life shortly after the assault occurred.
Spirit, eh?
linbb 3
Should be forever on anyone who assults anu flight crew. People need to pay for there actions some way other than just a slap on the wrist. How about those who try to bring firearms on and not declare them? Same shoud go for them.
Greg S 1
Where does it say anything about a 3 year ban?
djames225 2
Other reports "They are also jointly recommending three years of supervised release, which includes no flying on commercial airlines, anger management classes and community service, she said."
Should have been lifetime ban on all airlines and jail time.
Ed Kostiuk 3
Wow, I figured she would blame the Airlines, the FA, and other reasons.
jbermo 2
Per reports, Vyvianna was offered such lenient terms as part of a plea deal so to plead guilty. HOWEVER, she appears somewhat insincere of her plea (via a video). If so, a federal judge may smell this, and give her the whammy anyway. March 11 will reveal all.
djames225 2
Plead guilty? I dont understand why there was even a plea deal..they have a video showing her throwing punches and contacting. There may have been a prior non physical heated debate going on but as far as I remember, FA's are in charge of the passenger cabin on the craft, from door close to open.
ADXbear -8
Must have been a liberal Democratic judge..

jeff slack 2
increase your meds
nonsensical commentary here.


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