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Three Long Island Women Indicted for Assaulting a Delta Airlines Security Officer at JFK Airport

“As alleged, the defendants viciously assaulted an airline security officer by beating him to the floor with his radio and then kicking and punching him in the face and body while he was down,” stated United States Attorney Peace If convicted, the defendants face up to 10 years in prison. ( More...

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sharon bias 33
The key item to note is that the crime is being prosecuted in Federal Court. That's a big deal. First, by the time the Feds arrest you, then generally already have enough information to convict you. 99.6% of all crimes in Federal Court result in a conviction. Second, Federal Courts don't have probation. The person has to service 85% of their sentence before they get monitored parole. Federal parole will keep them off planes, as most travel outside your home is prohibited. I also would like to see these types of crimes added to a no fly list, like they did after 9/11.
fly21jt 4
Federal courts do have some deferred prosecution for low level crimes, accessory first offense juvenile cases, a few others. The people charged in this case obviously won't qualify for any of that.
Jon Forrest 28
I agree - jail and a lifetime ban on flying on any airline. These assault are happening too often and the courts need to send a clear message that this behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Flying is a privilege and not a right - we need to protect our aircrews / airport staff.
Bruce Horwitz 1
Well, calling flying a privilege is a stretch (it is no more a privilege than shopping in a store) but assaulting anyone doing their job is so totally unacceptable that significant punishment is called for)
Brian Freeman 19
Bruce - Flying is most definitely a privilege. No one is guaranteed any right to access air travel. Shopping in a store or dining in a restaurant are also a privileges. Again, no one has any rights to be a customer. You're allowed in a store because the owner allows you there, on their private property, and they can just as easily demand you leave for no reason whatsoever.
Ed Huenniger 3
Well, I must say that flying WAS a privilege at one time. Now, it's just a royal pain in the butt.
Andrew Kriner 56
After jail sentence is completed. Banned from flying for life.
rmchambers 19
Probably a good thing they were denied boarding, imagine this stuff going in at 30,000'
Daniel Gless 4
They could have just kicked them out...
Dan Drimmie 18
This question begs to be answered... these women were arrested on 13 Jan 2022, yet the assaults took place on 22 Sep 2021. Why were they not arrested and held at the time of the incident? Why have they been free to roam around for the past 3 1/2 months?
A passage I heard around a Father’s Day ~Parenting sermon once, and have never forgotten…Ecclesiastes 8:11. To paraphrase…” if a person is found guilty in a just manner, punishment must proceed swiftly, or more evils of the heart will follow…” The failure to follow this directive is one of the biggest inadequacies of our once-great Judicial system.
Steve Cook 4
Are you aware of all the facts of the case? It could very well be that they were questioned, the complaint was taken, and it was referred to the federal prosecutor's office, where it took three months to issue a warrant. Federal crimes take more legwork than state-level crimes (and generally have a much higher threshold for evidence and other elements). There are different rules of procedure, and the federal prosecutors working with the DHS want to make sure they go to court with a case that sticks.
Bruce Johnson 4
Free to roam for 113 days. I'm sure that they've been laughing about it the whole time. Punishment has to be given quickly for the perpetrator to connect the punishment and the crime. Just like with children. Punishing a child a few days after an incident doesn't do much to correct bad behavior.
Steve Cook 3
Trying to equate punishing adults with punishing children makes no sense whatsoever, as adults aren't children developmentally, not to mention several other factors. I get trying to make it simplistic to make it easier to digest intellectually, but life's not like that.
Like another group of clear lawbreakers I can think of.....lucky they were not all shot on the spot...apparently they may have been confused with tourists.
avionik99 -6
Assaulting an officer must no longer be the evil crime it once was.

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Juan, are you really this ignorant ? The problem was these 3 belligerent, aggressive defendants, or can’t you see that ? Maybe the officers should have brandished their weapons ? No, wait.. you would have called this police brutality !.
Brian Freeman 3
Juan - I know you're only joking, but it's that kind of comment that empowers people to challenge police/security. We need to encourage people to obey the law and obey officers explicitly no matter how unreasonable their direction may seem. 99% of all police use of force cases would be avoided if people simply obeyed officers. All the other issues can be addressed afterwards in a more civil setting. It's NEVER acceptable to resist the police.
The problem is not with the police; it’s with the liberal-run courts. No bail-back out on the streets. Also, the new DA in NYC wants to make it NOT a crime to resist arrest! Why not just paint a target on every NYC police officer’s back? It’s disgusting how the police are treated.
waynej007 -9
George Soros!
Juan Jimenez -5
It would be interesting on how this plays out through the Federal Court system to see what really happens to these Idiots. All three of them should serve some serious jail time and ordered to pay a hefty fine. Also they do not get released until time served and their fines are paid in full. Just think if they had gotten airborne what could have happened. The Federal Court needs to take the bull by the horns and give these people some jail time. If they do go to jail and when they are released they should be denied from ever flying again. Hopefully justice will prevail.
Jimmy Robinson 11
It's too bad employee no. 1 or employee no. 2 weren't able to get in a few licks of their own and hit these women right on the nose where it's most painful. Maybe that would have stopped it and at least have given them something to think about. They didn't just attack somebody, they attacked somebody viciously, and I hope that are dealt with severely and and given years and years to think about what they did. Mlay every Airline have the wisdom to never let them fly again.
WhiteKnight77 6
Unfortunately, if said employees were to strike back, they could either be fired or sued by said assaulters. There is also the other aspect as people expecting women to not be hit by males no matter what. If a woman has enough gumnption to throw punches at someone, they should expect to be swung on no matter the gender of the attackee.
godutch 8
Go to jail...go directly to jail, do not pass GO and do not collect $200.
patrick baker 7
if the laws as written are enforced across the board, these behaviors will diminish. This case looks like it calls , upon conviction, for prison time.
Ed Huenniger 2
Actually, I don't believe folks stop to think, just before committing a crime, that maybe they shouldn't because the penalty might be high.
John Lease 7
The courts should remember the words of Judge Issac Charles Parker," Do equal and exact justice...Permit no innocent man to be punished, but let no guilty man escape". It is not the severity of the punishment that is the deterrent... but the certainty of it".
Thomas Francl 7
Hope they have a strong judge who will reject a slap on the hand plea agreement.
Ronald Berry 6
Well obviously they’ll never be trusted traveler‘s
cyberjet 5
They sound like fine and respectable citizens. Not.
Jim Allen 5
Of course, giving my home a bad name. It’s bad enough I live here :-)
Not all LI girls are like that.. nor all people from CI. But.. it fits the stereotypes.
Pa Thomas 12
Why do we still sell alcohol at airports again?
Jim Allen 4
$$$ Besides, these fine young ladies probably couldn’t afford to drink at the airport bar anyway. I know I used to choke when I walked into a bar at the airport
AWspicious13 4
It’s because of low lifes like these why we can’t have nice things. I won’t be surprised if, one day, consumption of alcohol will be banned from airport lounges and on flights.
Its one thing to be drunk and disorderly on the ground at a bar or at a wedding or a Christmas party. Its on another level when pax get out of control on a flight or even in the airport.
Shenghao Han 4
At what society do they think they can get away with this?
srobak 18
Well - for the last couple years here in America - this kind of violent behaviour has been endorsed by politicians and protected by prosecutors, while being celebrated by the media. Anyone who is surprised by this has had their head in the sand the last couple of years.
kay trebesch 6
WhiteKnight77 3
They deserve every bit of punishment that they are given. More of these cases should be taken to federal courts and not local courts.
Yea all for life long bans - you just don't get another chance
SorenTwin 3
Sounds kinda fishy. The fine ladies from Long Island are quiet, kind and congenial. ;)
Greg S 6
Just a simple misunderstanding, these ladies were actually really into the security guard. This is all standard foreplay for Long Island females.
Truly need to be banned from any future airline flight. They don't need to be on any airline ever. FAA and airlines need to start setting examples for these clowns.
Jeff Smith 1
Previous post was meant to go under story about Honduran man who damaged plane
John Herbert 1
My first reaction would be lifetime ban from flying, however I believe that should be reserved for inflight assaults. Ground assaults while egersis never the less should be handled as any assaults are handled.
godutch 1
The airline is a private entity and can ban whoever they want. If this took place against that airline's employees, they DAMN-SURE can ban them...and if they are smart, they'll pass their names on to as many of the other airlines as possible.
21voyageur 1
Reference my comment posted on the story about Air France above this one.

Gary Stone 1
Indicted one thing. Convicted another. Sentenced still another. We shall see.
Lloyd Sharp 0
Not really security when 3 women were able to put the smack down on this (so called) Security guard. There ought to be three women in need of medical attention after attempting to breach security. Limp d*ck security.
And yeah, after a lengthy prison sentence--
There a three women on the (Forever)
No fly list.
Did he NOT have a weapon? Obviously, he could have used a security officer.

[This comment was deleted.]

I too noticed the names and they do sound like they are not white. And, I will admit, a large percentage of crimes seem to be committed by non-white people. However, I am not going to condemn a race and point my finger at a particular race, I'm more inclined to point the finger at their upbringing and what they have been taught as far as morality decency, and character.

'People of Walmart' are not necessarily trash or indecent. It's just been made to look that way because of focusing on particular individuals that are, let's say, not quite like the majority of society in the way they dress and look. These ladies obviously weren't taught right and wrong like they should have been and how to treat other people. I hope b they have a very long time to think about that and maybe decide to change their behavior (as in "Groundhog Day").
fly21jt 4
Idiotic public behavior is ecumenical and unfortunately appears to be on the rise in all demographics.
srobak 4
allow me to correct you a bit... "a large percentage of crimes reported by the media seem to be committed by non-white people"
I stand corrected. I'm going by what I see reported in the media.
21voyageur 1
No room for people like you to express such sick statements. Sir, you are part of the problem and not the answer. Inexcusable. They were Americans. Full stop.
kodjfa 4
I agree with Jimmy.

About 50% of Crimes in America are committed by the minority. Not all minority people are bad but these hood citizens makes me and fellow other minorities to have some sense look bad. Shame on them and they need jail time and some a.s whooping.
He is not part of the problem but another person sharing his opinion. Ya crying racism on everything. It's enough. Hold our people accountable some
Juan Jimenez -2
Minority? "White" means nothing these days. Whites can be of any ethnicity, including Latino. In some states, Anglos are now the minority.
Bruce Horwitz -2
Wow, you have amazing powers of perception - from someone's name you can determine a person's appearance. I never realized that our first non-white President was Richard Nixon. (Defendent #1 is Jordan Nixon).

And, speaking of appearance, who, in your skilled remote vision, is "white" or "non-white" How dark must someone's skin be to be "non-white"? What percentage of ancestry other than northern European makes someone "non-white"?
srobak 1
racist much? you may exit through the cabin door once the jetway has been pulled back.
Mike Williams -4
I have never read or checked it myself BUT in my area, there is a <15% population of negro people.
Jeff Smith -2
Just to lazy to walk to the southern border like everyone else. Who does he think he is?
a1brainiac -3
No more capitalization and poor sentence structure. Try to live up to your self inflated user name.


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