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Aircraft flips over while attempting to land in Somalia

A Jubba Airways Fokker 50 crashed earlier today while attempting to land at Aden Adde International Airport (MGQ) in Mogadishu, Somalia. The aircraft... ( More...

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Colin Seftel 9
I'm impressed that the fuselage remained mostly intact and all on board survived.
From my observations of this video:
The left wing broke off (where most of the flames are) and the plane rolled over.
It did not "flip" as reported
You can see the nose wheel turned as the pilot attempted to keep it on the runway. Not sure what the wing hit to tear it off, but once it was off and the plane turned sideways, it was relatively easy to roll over.
Also, this happened as the plane was close to stopping as the fuselage is not that far from the broken wing
Scott Campbell 2
there's no whiplash - land, survive, go home
Tim Dyck 2
People over there aren’t bothered by little things like whiplash, concussions, sprains, strains or even minor broken bones. They face hardships that would be debilitating to us daily and don’t complain because no one would care if they did.
Mike Prior 2
I just don't believe that an aircraft carrying commercial passengers can flip and there are NO INJURIES! Just not possible unless all passengers were packed in egg boxes. There should have been whiplash injuries at the very least.
Tim Dyck 2
A few years ago I would not believe that a Airbus A320 could do a water landing with no loss of life. But it happened and I am happy to see a miracle once in a wile.
Could have happened at low speed after landing. I will defray judgment until the accident analysis. But, there are still occasional miracles.
richard flint 4
They should stick with piracy
Nultech 3
Good parking spots are hard to find
The people on this flight were very fortunate. I am surprised they said all evacuated with no injuries. Made me think of CB radio jargon. "Catch you on the flip side."
carste10 1
Tim Dyck 1
Glad to see that everyone survived.
Ken McIntyre 0
Oops. The shiny side is NOT up!
Mike Williams -1
In Somalia, this is not the case. That is why they do it. They use this flying experience as an amusement ride, maybe?


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