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Sicko Mode: Inside Drake's Private Boeing 767

Aubrey Drake Graham, commonly known as Drake, is a well-established name in the music industry. He has gained popularity among hip-hop lovers and has become one of the highest-earners in the business at just 35 years old. ( More...

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James Driskell 2
So aeroxplorer doesn't like ad blockers and I don't like embedded ads! Rotate 'em!
Ralph Torres 3
Only one poorly taken photo of the interior.
scottiek 2
From what I have read, this plane does not belong to Drake. It is owned by Cargo Jet and they either let him use it or lease it to him.
djames225 2 does belong to Drake. Ajay Virmani, owner of Cargojet, gave Drake the aircraft as a win-win. Drake gets to fly all over the world in his own time while at the same time posting photos in different locations with the aircraft. It's basically a flying billboard. And so far, looks as thou Ajay came through yet again.
emkostiuk 1
To each his own.


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