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Lufthansa Is Reportedly Banning Apple AirTags In Luggage

Apple AirTags is a simple way to keep track of your belongings. Just attach them to an item, and then you can track its location through your Apple device. While this probably wasn't the initial intent, these have become super popular for those wanted to follow their checked bags when traveling. ( More...

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k1121j 4
is that even legal. I mean what's next you can't pack underwear in your suitcase?!?
Sean Awning 2
Possible explanation at There's an FAA reg that requires any device with a LITHIUM battery to be turned off if it's in checked baggage, because the LITHIUM batteries are rated Dangerous Goods. The AirTags use a LITHIUM coin cell battery (DL2032) that actually does contain LITHIUM. Lufthansa is merely following the letter of the regulations.
Torsten Hoff 2
Leave it to the Germans to follow regulations to the letter...

Full disclosure: I am German.
Sean Awning 2
Alles in Ordnung! If the regulators don't intend for the regulations to be followed precisely, then why bother to impose them?
k1121j 1
looks like this wont explain it as all. Air tags do not fall in this category
Not a good look.
Roy Hunte 1
I wonder why.


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