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787-9 Dreamliner Takeoff in Munich

Heavy Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Takeoff at Munich Airport ( More...

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I lived 50km SE of Munchen back in '82 to '85. I miss it and this almost makes me homesick. Thanks for the great video.
Dennis Fernkes 3
Breathtaking! How that engine hangs onto that wing with such little hardware is amazing.
Liette Majerus 2
Great video. 787-9 indeed a nice aircraft, very comfortable and not too noisy.
Thanks for sharing the take-off with the community
James White 2
Great video I have a a big passion for aviation since I was child. Built many model planes and my father served in the Air Force. I love going up to Detroit Metro and watch planes fly in and out. Thank you for sharing
Congratulation, great video
Reminds me of a 747 departing LA for HKG. Roll and roll and roll, first the wings lift then finally the wheels. Oh what a joy to ride the queen of the skies. Yes, the 777, 787 and others are quieter and more fuel efficient, but the same magic is just not there.
djames225 0
You do have a fun channel there, Max.

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Mike Bogue 25
It's aviation related. If you're looking solely for news, don't click on links that are obviously not. "Dreamliner Takeoff" should have given you a clue.
srobak 1
you clearly misse dhis point

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Michael Osmers 6
FYI the title of the site is “FlightAware Weekly Aviation News & Photo Newsletter”. Ok, a video is not a photo but I certainly think it qualifies by intention so… maybe you should chill a bit ; )


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