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Texas medical examiner says a man who was pulled into a jet engine died by suicide

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (AP) - A ground worker died Friday night when he was sucked into an engine of a jet that had just landed at San Antonio International Airport, and the local medical examiner is ruling it a suicide. ( More...

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lynx318 5
OD in sleep meds. Rather sleep and not wake than that horror sensation.
my lord..thats a horrible way to commit suicide!it would be interesting to know how the coroner came to that conclusion!
jeff slack 12
They do not say but it is out there that a note was left in his home.
mbrews 12
There is another June 27 report in a Texas newspaper, that that the deceased worker " handed supervisor a suicide note wrapped in a $1 bill "
john cook 2
Thats what herd, I also herd he gave his watch and walet to a coworker just before walking into the eng.
AWAAlum 3
I can't think of any method of suicide that isn't horrible.
Easy... Witnesses say he walked up to a coworker and gave him his watch and wallet, and walked into the path of the engine. Plus there was a suicide note.
James Simms 9
2-3 weeks ago, someone threw themselves in front of an Amtrak Acela train doing 125 mph. Made quite the dent in the front of the engine & stove in one front windshield, blood was liberally splattered over everything. Never mind that the train crew likely suffered PTSD over it.
mark hill 7
It happens all the time we just dont hear about it. It happened once i was on Amtrak we were held up 3 hrs so police could do report and staff cleaned off train.

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Jim Allen 4
In a strange way, it does. Suicide by cop implies that you commit a crime that involves the police. Walking into an engine or an train doesn't have that stigma. Some people want to go out and not have that on their tab. Never mind the conductor/pilot/cleanup crew that has to deal with it.
21voyageur -9
Based on how police are often adopting a "shoot / ask questions later" approach, your assumption that a crime has been committed is quite presumptuous.
Brian Freeman 10
Mr. Chiasson - You're falling in to the liberal media trap. Police are certainly not adopting a "shoot/ask questions later" approach - to the contrary, they are less apt to use their firearms and better equipped with other less lethal options than at any time in history. The media sensationalizes police shootings more these days because they now have art (bodycam videos) to go with those stories. Educate yourself, learn the true statistics, and don't blindly believe everything spun on the news.
marcus holden 1
Very well stated Brian. Sensationalism and politics.

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mc208b 0
Trump derangement syndrome strong with this one.
David Beattie -2
No derangement. Disliking a psychotic, narcissistic, petulant child who attempted a coup is actually very rational.
Huck Finn 3
Been watching the ABC NBC CBS PBS MSNBC CNN LGBTQ 'news' again ehh?
Harry Venison -2
Right, and then there's only 1 news station that has ALL the red meat you rethugs chow on.
No, it's NOT a cult at all. You're fkn clueless
strickerje 2
And yet here you're resorting to childish name-calling half the country. You both sound like cult followers, to be honest.
Randy Marco -4
Not only rational but PATRIOTIC as tRUMP is a CRIMINAL, amazing that people support a TRAITOR but putting our country & military at RISK divulging classified information, clearly gave info to Saudi also.
Huck Finn 2
Get used to the name Randy because he's heading for the White House in 2024 and you're going to have to get used to freedom and opportunity again instead of Biden's commie crappola.
strickerje 0
He posted a completely irrelevant and incoherent tirade on an aviation forum though. That seems pretty deranged to me...
John Woodbury -8
You're correct all those people are repugnant and deserve credit for all the progress they've made!! Suicide seems reasonable given the degenerated state of our country.
sparkie624 8
Very Interesting... Not the way I would want to go to say the least! It is amazing so many people who are suicidal now days! That is one thing that I will never understand!
avionik99 -5
The mental health of people today is very scary. Some people cannot even figure out which bathroom to use or which sex they are while staring at their genitals?? No wonder people are doing this at such a high rate!
srobak 7
and it is getting rampantly worse by the day. Our Devolution is is almost at full throttle.
btweston -4
Who said anything about genitals?

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btweston 9
…Why are we talking about penises?
Dale Ballok 2
I’d relate that to the dickhead comments on here!

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Jim Allen 17
One of the reasons why camp survivors are survivors is that they had hope. When you have hope you find reasons to live.
RECOR10 -4
Jim - mental illness is quite a beast, no? Expecting a rational society to accept mental illness in the day-to-day regular activities of common citizens is really a burden on us all.
Randy Marco -6
Correct mental illness is in 35% of the traitors that support the traitor tRUMP!
Dale Ballok 4
Are you one of those you described? Just had to get political, right?
Bill Overdue 3
Trump didn't cause your low IQ, he just gives you a reason to use it!
Nooge 1
Overdue for a Woke ByeDon Communist or Marxist comment

Of course The Commander in Cheat is a Fascist so you should not use that word given the Fascist authoritarian wannabe and will be if your vote is counted this time

Just kidding you vote was counted ...he lost
btweston 1
You seem proud.
Terry Robinson -8
You are SO right.
Dale Ballok -2
Sad, but very true!
Tom Heaverlo 1
I don't understand it either!
I wonder how they could tell it was suicide, maybe the direction of the injuries? (head first) Or someone saw something? The article doesn't specify.
Jim Allen 10
Handing your fellow ramp worker your wallet is a pretty good indication that you're about to swan dive into oblivion.
jmilleratp -8
So...the Medical Examiner can somehow tell this from the remains?
yatesd 9
He left a suicide note.
zuluzuluzulu 9
airports have loads of Cctv monitoring. A swan dive into an engine would be indicative of a suicide.

There is no good way to kill yourself , so don’t do it.
Ben Bosley 2
Reading is fundamental
Dale Ballok 1
Ya, I had the same question, but of course the media conveniently left out the part about the note!
Tyler Ballance 3
Suicide is a choice and it is nobody else's business, unless of course you do like this fool and leave a mess for others to clean up after him. Some states have assisted suicide (like Oregon). The very least someone who intends to kill themselves can do is to not leave a mess behind, both physical remains and your will, etc. Get your affairs in order to the extent you can, then choose the many ways to depart without leaving your remains for someone else to discover and then have to clean up. We should support a person's choice to depart this world, but just as one seeks to be a good neighbor, those who choose to end their lives must do so in a way as to not traumatize others. In addition to suicide prevention hotlines, we should have suicide assistance centers so those who really want to go can be instructed on how to do the job properly so that they do not leave a tangled mess, both physical and administrative, for others to deal with after they are dead.
The article should have included a way to contact suicide prevention hotlines. It is so tragic that many feel this is the only option-such hotlines can offer valuable assistance. My this individual rest in peace, and my thoughts and prayers go to all those affected by this.
TWA55 2
This topic has run it's course
Wasn't there just another incident with a woman doing this in Texas? Seems strange. I think they said that was also a suicide.
john cook 1
blancolirio on Youtube. has the truth!
21voyageur 0
It's Fox. Find a grain of salt and take it.
Brian Freeman 0
I love creative people who take charge of their own lives. You gotta admire a person so committed to a goal (even if you may not agree with their goal) to take such extreme measures. I recall many years ago a guy ran onto the runway at PHX and managed to get run over by the front tires of a landing MD80. Now that is dedication and determination! Think about all the planning and timing that took. (And please, no touchy feely whining about my callous approach to suicide. I'm not advocating it, just appreciating the art of it.)
numb9 0
Very selfish of that man. No concern for other people at all. Like HE was the only one involved! That really was quite a Jump up to reach that engine intake.
AWAAlum 5
I understand your thinking, however, I can't imagine someone in a suicidal state is thinking of others.
Sam Crider 0
Did you ask him if that was his intent.
Tim Blaney -6
Why not just lay down in front of the main landing gear, same results without destroying a multi-million engine and the mess.


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