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Frontier Airlines Sued For $100 Million Over Hidden Fees

Frontier Airlines has begun expansion plans to San Francisco and Chicago. Unfortunately, In the middle of these new plans have landed a lawsuit. Frontier is being sued for $100 million over "hidden" baggage fees and other payments that are not made clear until after payment. ( More...

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Stephen Donnelly 14
In addition, I do not see how airlines like Breeze and Frontier are allowed to do business without a phone number
srobak 10
This is long overdue and it's the same shit the telecom industry used to do with cell and cable providers. Now they don't do it anymore.

Full rate disclosure up front is never a bad thing.
Doug Parker 3
Agreed. The new culture is starting to demand to see the gross amounts up front, not the net.
Greg S 11
Whether or not she wins, I'm glad she's suing. These *are* deceptive practices, and we've all seen other airlines use similar ones. It's not particularly relevant that it's possible through enough reading of fine print to figure out the actual fee structure, the intent behind the maze is to confuse and deceive. The lawsuit shines a light on these practices everywhere and thus puts pressure to correct them.
Dray Hines 8
Greed is hurting us all...

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Lewis Tripp 2
Nobody in the world can be as "smart" and smug as you, a hole.
Before manufacturers initiated the m.a.p. policy (manufacturer advertised price) dealers would simply deduct freight and prep fees from advertised price. Some customers would travel hours to the dealership only to have the dealer add it back to the invoice at time of sale. Hence the question was created, "What is your out the door price"@!
Von Sigler 3
Airlines that crash are more reliable then Frontier.
jmilleratp 2
What are you honestly expecting when you fly on one of these ultra-low-cost carriers?
scott runyon 3
you expect to be treated fairly and honestly honoring the agreement struck when you bought the ticket.
elgatito 3
good they deserved for being a rip of airlines
Elaine Welzel 1
Oops… and they are using the A320Neo…

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Dr Stephen Vadas 4
It was the attorney's idea hoping to get a few million just to walk away.


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